November 2, 2018

Readytaxis unveils iOS, android App booking

Readytaxis unveils iOS, android App booking

By Chris Ochayi

READYTAXIS, a service of Tzumtzum Nigeria Limited, an innovative technology firm in Abuja has unveiled its taxi price comparison mobile app available on Android and iOS.

Readytaxis Support Analyst, Ajibola Jacobs, in a statement in Abuja said Readytaxis web-based platform and App allows users to compare prices and pre-book cabs to ease the logistics of the growing capital city of Nigeria.

He said, “Readytaxis works with local suppliers, giving subscribers and customers lower prices and more choice than any other taxi service provider. With Readytaxis you can book the ride for a single person or a large group, either way we will get you there cheaply and safely.”

The Founder, Baba Daniel Sulaiman, described Readytaxis as Nigeria’s first road transport comparison app and website, stressing that one can compare cabs on the system and app and select the most suitable transport option of your choice at a glance.

He noted that riders could choose among its wide offers like Ready L which is basic, Ready M which is Premium economy and Ready XL for luxury vehicles booking. “We also do phone booking and web booking which helps commuters book for trips in the comfort of their homes,” Suleiman said.

The platform’s aggregator ensures that everyone has a fair opportunity in the market.

“Our enrolment regime in terms of commission is the lowest anyone can find in Nigeria now. We allow for people with full time jobs but needing additional opportunities to be able to work and earn money, he said.

“Partnering drivers can retain up to 90 per cent for job completed on our app,” he said.

Readytaxis recently rolled out its mobile app booking platform to complement the web version which has been in operation since 2017 but was officially launched in March 2018.

“You can now compare based on your need and book and immediately book via our mobile applications,” the statement said.

“Since its launch in March 2018, we have made some considerable gains; we have built strategic partnership with several taxi provider companies and have also started in Lagos, Owerri, Enugu, and Awka. We have also received inquiries for Port-Harcourt, Calabar and Uyo,” said Sulaiman.

The Abuja-based firm said its selling point is that it accepts neat and air conditioned vehicles below 2005 unlike other logistics providers to ensure more drivers benefit from the platform.

According to Ajibola, the key features of Readytaxis include customer and driver panic button on the mobile app, providing fleet management, providing driver/vehicle matching system for car hire service, and tracking services.