This is a story of Mrs Abiodun, a working-class Nigerian woman who suffered from chronic arthritis and severe body pain for close to 7 years. Before the 8th year, she discovered the closely guarded “Chinese formula” which helped her get off her painkillers and endless medications.
Now she’s got her dream job and performing great at work, and she’s a good daughter to her family and all the people around her.
Her story is very inspirational. Read it below to discover what she did and how she did it.

  It’s pretty easy to guess the worst feeling in the world, some people will tell you it’s heartbreak, and that’s because they haven’t experienced arthritis or any kind of body pains; could be waist pain, back pains or even all those tiny little pains in between the joints that make walking feel like a chore. The pain is so bad that I can’t even wish it on my worst enemy —and trust me, I have met my worst enemy.

You may ask… Why Is That So?

Here’s why…
For close to 8 yrs I battled with arthritis and chronic body pain. I took all the prescribed medication from my doctor, even the very expensive ones that left a hole in my pocket yet there were no positive changes. It kept getting worse and worse

So I know how it feels…and I know how excruciating the pain is and I can’t wish it on my worst enemy.

In fact, my arthritis got so bad that I was worried I would become crippled.

My Chronic Body Pain Was so Bad That My Social Life Was In Total Neglect.

In fact, my arthritis got so bad that I was worried I would become crippled. My chronic body pain was so bad that my social life was in total neglect. I will never forget my university days in a hurry.

Back when I was in school, I would bury my head in my books because movement was very hard for me due to the pains. I used to attend only the important lectures. That way, I saw less and less of my course mates. I didn’t participate in social events.

I always felt handicapped. It was a very trying moment for me.
So I found solace in my books. I will read and read till I fell asleep, wake up and continue where I left off. That’s all I know how to do. It was that bad

But the good news was that I was getting the good results. I was top in my class and I kept praying for a better future. But after I graduated, it got worse. I became a burden to my family. I need to attend a weekly consulting session with my psychotherapist, and man, those sessions costs a huge chunk of money.

My family had to literally borrow money from friends so that I don’t miss my sessions with my psychotherapist.
Everyday and night I would cry not only because of the chronic and unbearable body pains, but also because of the pains I am putting my parents through. The pain I see in my father’s eyes was more excruciating than any pang of pain I feel when I wake up thinking “today is going to be a better day.”

Let me try to explain the pain a bit…
Arthritis pain feels like when a group of angry people with iron wrenches and planks decided to hit every part of your body with the wrenches and planks at the same time.

Then, there’s the pain I feel from causing my family the pain of spending huge money on my medications. This pain is killing. It might not hurt like Arthritis, but it was killing me faster than my arthritis.

I had to beg on Instagram so that I could be able to lessen the burden for my family. I got a few help from people, some of my friends on Facebook made a contribution for me.

I decided to try everything my family wouldn’t let try. I bought all sorts of herbal drugs. I bought all sorts of foreign and local pain therapy. But guess what? Nothing worked.
Here’s a not-so-fun-fact:
Did you know that if you have arthritis and/or any kind of body pain and it keeps persisting without getting the required treatment, it could lead to a total dislocation of the bone causing you to go crippled sooner or later? Oh yeah, now you know you! And that was my biggest pain and fear.

I knew if I don’t do anything about my arthritis, my bones are going to be dislocated, and I will become crippled for life and start using a wheelchair. It was a nightmare for me. I keep remembering how my arthritis started and I started blaming myself for ignoring the signs.

You see, a lot of people don’t know that the first Indication of imminent arthritis is that burning fire sensation also called inflammation all over the joint, bones and even on their backs.

So allow me to ask…have you been ignoring any pain in your body?

If you have, then I advise you to keep reading this to the end as I might have something that will help keep those pains at bay before it degenerates to arthritis! You may be wondering how was I able to get rid of my arthritis…

Here’s How I Discovered an Arthritis Crusher Kit That Changed My Life!”
After all the times I spent on expensive painkillers, chronic body pains and the pain caused by what my situation is putting my family through and the thought of going cripple soon, I woke up one morning with yet new pangs of pain.

But I also woke up to a message from my Facebook friend (he was the one

who started the contribution project for my arthritis). He told me a friend’s mother was totally cured of arthritis pain after spending close to 800k on drugs and sessions that didn’t work.

My interest was piqued. I have spent more than that. I was curious and anxious to know the secret and laugh at him because I had tried virtually everything. He sent me a Facebook link to a product called “Pain Crusher Kit” which was discovered by Doctor Doris.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit skeptical about it. I don’t like buying things online. Most times they don’t deliver what you’d expect. But I went ahead and placed an order for the arthritis crusher kit, which contains…

The Pain Crushing Oil: 
A very effective ointment that relieves developing pains and arthritis inflammation.

The Pain Crushing Tea: 

This is a good arthritis remedy. This tea is prepared just like Lipton tea but works differently. When you take it, it will help flush the pain-causing toxins in the body system and it takes weeks to do so.

The kit costed me N21,500 and I paid upfront. Luckily I got mine that same day as I stay in Lagos and I started to use it IMMEDIATELY. The first week wasn’t all that great, it was only able to relieve me for a bit.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed, but I kept using it because I had no other option. But then, after some time, I started noticing its effects! It started from not noticing the pangs of pain I normally feel in the morning when I wake up to doing things easily with little or no pain.

I started applying for jobs and was lucky to get a good job in 5 weeks! It was truly a relief to start doing things myself without depending on the kindness of other people. I was now free and I was able to do the things I could not do before.

All thanks to the “Pain Crushing Kit” and Dr. Doris, I became an ex-arthritis victim who discovered the secret to freedom. You could be the next ex-arthritis victim before December if you start using the kit today.


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So How Can You Get Yours?

The truth is, I was not paid one kobo to write this testimony, I don’t need anyone’s money as I have a high paying job already.

I wrote this to help as many people as possible who are going through extreme body pains and have been spending a lot of money on drugs that aren’t meant to work. Trust me, I know this because I spent well over 1.5 million on different drugs and therapy sessions.

I want people living with arthritis or people living with people with arthritis to know that there’s an effective remedy to their arthritis pain and inflammations!

If you are ready to jump in and get rid of your pains or that of a friend or family member, then…

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