August 8, 2018

AIB introduces new App to probe aircraft accidents

AIB introduces new App to probe aircraft accidents

Algerian military plane crashes

Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, has introduced a new App that would assist in investigating aircraft accidents and incidents.

The agency said in a statement issued yesterday that its target was to sue the App to reach no fewer than fifteen million passengers within the country’s airspace and beyond.

The statement read: ”This is the first of its kind in the aviation sector… The App will assist Accident Investigation Bureau of Nigeria with investigating aircraft accidents and incidents. 

” App features a live reporting menu, whereby (pictures/videos) can be uploaded by any user who has witnessed events that could result in aircraft accidents. 

”It is flexible and easy to use . Our target is to reach more than 15 million air passengers annually within and out of the Nigerian airspace.

”Your swift reaction to any in flight incidents may be your patriotic contribution to preventing air crashes.”

”To download the App, AIB asked the public to visit