June 14, 2018

Wale Aboderin : Pillar of Journalism/Man of the people


Gbadebowale Wayne Aboderin

This good man left us much too soon. Too all who knew him as a person, Wale Aboderin was an excellent friend and human being. To all who knew his work, he was among the noteworthy and preeminent figures in Nigerian journalism. His contributions to life at both the personal and professional levels were vast and profound.


Late Chairman of Punch Newspapers, Mr Wale Aboderin

Affable and humble but hardworking and accomplished, Wale strived for excellence in all he did. This made him a unique and rare person. He was not satisfied by the ordinary or the average. He was not one to follow the crowd. He was one who always sought the truth and who mandated his newspaper to publish it and never conceal it. Of a generous and kind spirit, Wale was not one to look for confrontation. However, equally of courageous heart and of sterling principle, he would not run from confrontation if anyone tried to abridge his right to print as he saw fit.

Wale reached the height of his profession but never lost touch of the noble objective of his mission: to enlighten and educate the people. His life and the manner in which he lived it are examples to young journalists and to all of us who believe in the pursuit of excellence through truth.

He contributed mightily to the growth of journalism in Nigeria. This means he stood as a guardian of every person’s right to freely express themselves and as an architect of democratic discourse aimed at creating a better nation.

Wale was our brother and friend. He was a leading and bright light whose humanity and love of people was nothing short of inspiring and contagious. He truly cared about the people around him and those who somehow crossed his path. Innate kindness was evident in all he did.

Through our sorrow at his passing, we must also realize that we have indeed been blessed to know such a rare and decent man.

Wale, we shall miss you greatly and your place can never be filled but we will do the best we can by trying to live up to your example.

Truly, this was a good man who left us much too soon.

Farewell, dear Wale. Farewell.