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June 25, 2018

Dapo Akande launches MINDS, The Last Flight

Dapo Akande launches MINDS, The Last Flight

*Professor Kayode Makinde, immediate past Vice-Chancellor of Babcock University and the author, Dapo Akande

By Prisca Sam-Duru

Troubled by the ugly situation the country has been plunged into by selfish leaders, leaving the youths unfocused, Dapo Akande launched his book titled: The Last Flight: A Personal Journey to Rediscovering Values.

*Professor Kayode Makinde, immediate past Vice-Chancellor of Babcock University and the author, Dapo Akande

The book launch held on Sunday at the University of Lagos, also served as occasion to launch his NGO, MINDS, an acronym for Manners, Integrity, Neighbourly love, Discipline and Success.

The MINDS initiative which is targeted at students, the author hinted, will be looking at establishing a MINDS reforms reading club in schools.

The Last flight, according to Akande, is his personal contribution to restoring the lost hope for the country by helping to change the people’s mindset.

“We all see the problems of Nigeria and we talk about them. Very few of us try to do anything about them and that inspired me to write this book, to proffer some of the solutions that I have.

In doing this, I established my NGO; MINDS. To me, if we all have those MINDS ideals in ourselves, this society will be different  I hope that with this book, people will begin to become more society-focused rather than self-focused. Note that the society can never develop when the individuals are selfish,” he said.

On why he chose literature as a tool to effecting change in the country, the ardent Character Education advocate noted that “ Writing a book is what I know best to do. It is the best way to make my impact felt. I believe that to make this effort work, we also need to improve on our reading culture. You see, watching TV and seeing what is happening will not solve the problems. But when you read, you tap from great minds and that challenges you to become a problem solver rather than complainant.”

The chairman of the occasion, Pastor Wole Osinupebi in his remarks, said there are diverse kinds of talents that are significant to an individual’s fulfilment as well as growth of the society. He said “it can only be discovered if you look inside of you, give it a trial and surely, they could make Nigeria better.

For instance, Nigerians are naturally endowed in sports but improper planning has remained bane of sports development in the country. So, it’s high time we began encouraging the youths to read books like Dapo’s, for such will help them think towards how to contribute to make Nigeria better. Rather than migrate to already developed countries which became what they are by reason of the sacrifices of selfless men and women, let’s all contribute our talents and build our own.