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June 22, 2018

Children African Drum Experience holds in July

Children African Drum Experience holds in July

By Chris Onuoha

From the stable of Declassical Arts & Entertainment, preparations are now in top gear to ensure the program achieves remarkable success and turns out to what children excitedly look forward to every year. It is scheduled to hold from July 3 through to the 14, 2018 at 33, Glover Street, Adekunle, Yaba Lagos.

Children African Drum Experience (CADEX) is a platform for engrossing children in varieties of African drumming skills, rich African folktales to be performed stylishly by experts with profound musical accompaniment, poetry, drama and general musical skills. The program becomes invaluable particularly at a time when westernization has almost eroded African traditional values amongst our children.

The initiator of the program “realizes that children of this generation have been too exposed to western knowledge and would want to use this medium to creatively restore them to their African heritage. It is a way of exposing them to African values and refreshing their minds on what they might have forgotten. It is about impacting knowledge both in practical terms and in theory” says Ayo Ajayi, head of organizing committee.

The two-week program aims to instill and groom artistic gifts in children within the age bracket because often times, regular schools don’t give them such opportunity to express such talents. It is to enable children express themselves artistically, to improve them in all facets for a more realistic outlook, knowing that life isn’t one way.

“It has been proven over again that children who imbibe musical skills at early age develop sharper intelligence quotient” says Ms. Idono Onyibe who will serve as music instructor at the event.

Since African stories are known to be highly didactic, the children would have enough moral lessons to learn from the pool of stories drawn from different countries across the continent.