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Red Cross Nigeria expands medical coverage through launch of Website

By Chioma Obinna

On this year’s World Red Cross day, the Nigerian Red Cross Society, NRCS, is embarking on a restructuring programme and other resilience activities in rural and urban areas to empower residents on self-medical aid.

RedCross: From left; Head of Delegation, International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), Mr. Eloi Fillion; National President, Red Cross Society Nigeria, Chief Bolaji Anani, and ICRC member during the launch of the website.

To this end, the voluntary aid society and an auxiliary to public authorities has launched into digital space of World Wide Web to expand its medical outreach across the country as well as create accessible platform for registration through the website.

Briefing journalists during the launch of the website in Lagos, the National President, NRCS, Chief Bolaji Anani, said the change is paramount because the NRCS is getting lost in the mind of the people.

“It is a community based humanitarian organization. Where there is disaster, diseases, displacements from conflicts, and dehumanization of human beings we are always there.”

The president explained the new system, policies and partnership would help in delivering medical services in hospitals and crossroads while some would also help in delivery of first aid training through the internet services and social media.

Anani noted that in 2017, in the North East, with the help of International Committee of Red Cross, ICRC, they were able to reach over 3 million people in different ways.

“Across the country, we have delivered message that supported the wellness of the people.  We also created a website, so as to see a new picture of NRCS. This has led to NRCS having an open registration for new membership regardless of status.

“We have got a lot of international partnership for development to deliver medical services, also embracing the internet services. We are also rebuilding our relationship with the government at the federal level and in the state.

Speaking, Head of Delegation, International Committee of Red Cross, ICRC, Mr. Eloi Fillion, applauded the launch of the website, adding that the Red Cross society will not relent in its endeavours to ensure rapid medical response when needed.

“We are working on ending the suffering of human life and dignity which is the core focus of the movement. We are partnering for financial support, training and other relevant help to ensure a rapid response of Red Cross. We are creating a real picture of humanity.”

Chief Operating Officer, Kunoch Limited, Mr. Kelechi Dozie said it becomes necessary to partner with NRCS because the work they do is quiet.

“We partner with them to make the good work known; all they need is technology as catalyst to let people know what they do. The website is built to international standard and to increase the volunteer base.”

He added that the website is an effective way to get donations and also serves as platform to communicate among them, enhance strategy marketing and media, and create awareness for basic health.


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