May 13, 2018

“The African Broadcasting Industry should adopt a unified system for successful digital switch-over”

Khiran Keerodhur, CEO, Broadcasting Media Solutions

Giving the high cost of   migration from analogue to digital broadcasting, and the need for its reduction    in order to engender   affordability of   the set-top boxes, Khiran Keerodhur, CEO of Mauritius based Broadcasting Media Solutions, has called for a clear policy for countries in the   region based on survey and network.

“I believe this approach will immeasurably help various broadcast transmission companies in the region to accelerate the migration process”, Keerodhur said in the wake of the just concluded 2018 edition of the NEXTV CEO Africa Summit which held in Mauritius.

Khiran Keerodhur, CEO, Broadcasting Media

The survey report and the network design which can be conducted  by an external cabinet or integrator,  is what is expected to determine the costs of the migration.  Africa’s journey to full digital broadcasting has been long and torturous. At technical and infrastructural environment level, digital switchover (DSO) came with teething challenges. At policy front, regulators are faced the challenge of buy-in from stakeholders.

In spite of the challenge, Keerodhur is very optimistic  that the region will finally cross over, knowing that where opportunities exist, challenges also abound: “With some of the digital migration benefits    ranging from an increase in the capacity of broadcast transmission networks to the provision of quality HD images, more services and interactivity, reduction in power consumption of transmission which in return lowers operating costs; viewers will be given more choice on the DTT Television with more contents, while terrestrial broadcasters will also also have free-to-view and pay TV platform to viewers”.

On the standard for digital migration across the region, Keerodhur called on Africa broadcast practitioners  to adopt a unified system of technology for successful digital switch-over

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