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Zik Price: Celebrating an Amazon, Anambra first lady

A befitting honour for a 1st Lady whose heart is overflowing with milk of kindness.

The Zik Prize award for Humanitarian Service that was clinched by Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano is truly well deserved.

In all honesty, the amiable wife of Anambra State Governor has used his Philanthropic gestures for the needy to stamp her footprints on the sand of time in our society.

Touching the lives of the needy positively gives her joy. When his Excellency Chief Dr Willie Obiano assumed Anambra State Government mantle of leadership, Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano formed Caring Family Enhancement Initiatives  (CAFE) for the sole aim of using the organisation platform to reach out to the physically challenged and the needy.

Inset: Her Excellency Chief Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano, handing over the keys of a newly built home to a widow at Nibo community

She contributes her own quota of support for the success of his husband administration in Anambra State through CAFE. Osodieme as she is fondly called has done what no other 1st Lady has done in the history  of Anambra State  through CAFE.

We are talking of a woman whose understanding of government success is making meaningful impact on the lives of people hence her reason for being credited with this famous quote “Wherever and whenever life is touched, government has succeeded”.

This is a 1st Lady that has been moving around the nook and crannies of Anambra State doing good to the needy. I can State without mincing words that she derives a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction from helping the needy.

Another aspect of Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano’s life that endeared her to people is that she does not compromise what is right and she is a no nonsense woman that believe in doing things the right way.

She runs the activities of CAFE through the donations of money and other gift items from public spirited individuals. Osodieme is not an emergency philanthropist and she is not into philanthropy because her husband is the Governor of Anambra State.

She has been into the acts of philanthropy before the emergence of his husband as Anambra State Governor. It is on record that she is the only woman admitted into the prestigious fold of Aguleri Royal Cabinet.  His Royal Majesty Eze C.N idigo conferred the title of Osodieme on her because of her philanthropic gestures in our society.

The only difference was that when her husband became Anambra State Executive Governor, she upgraded what she is doing for the downtrodden people in our society with the formation of CAFE. As the Wife of Anambra State Governor, she  puts  smile on the faces of many people that encounters her especially the physically challenged and the needy.

Under her watch as Anambra State 1st Lady, shelter was provided for the mentally deranged at Nteje for their rehabilitation.

Those suffering one form of disability and another are not left out. She provides alternative means of movement for them to be able to live their normal life. The widows and youths were also empowered through skills acquisition and provision of decent home.

Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano has built houses for widows and she also built market toilets for rural women. Her reason for building market toilets is to promote hygiene and healthy environment as well as to put a stop to the bad habit of open defecation.

She provided free prosthetics limbs, free cleft palate and lip surgeries for the physically challenged. She also undertakes the treatment of the mentally ill in Anambra State. She rehabilitates them and reintegrate them to the society.

The most recent was her integration of a rehabilitated 62 years mentally deranged woman that lost touch with her family members for almost 35 years. On that day, the family members of the woman shed tears of joy.

The 77 bed capacity mentally deranged people’s rehabilitation home built by Osodieme at Nteje has rehabilitated a total of 62 people and re-united them with their loved ones. She empowered a total of 3200 women and they are now doing well in their chosen field of endeavour. Physically challenged Children also benefited from her free cleft surgery.

Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano is regarded as a God sent that came for the alleviation of the sufferings of the downtrodden people and the physically challenged in our society. It can be said that she has a divine calling for what she is doing for them. She gives without expecting anything in return.

No doubt of the fact that the Zik Prize award for Humanitarian Service will serve as an encouragement to her to continue touching lives positively in our society. It is said that when a child is doing well, she will be encouraged to continue doing well. The incontrovertible fact is that Osodieme is doing well and what the Zik Prize awardees are telling her with the conferment of Zik Prize honour is to continue doing well.

Posterity will definitely remember Osodieme as that woman that did her best to change the lives of the physically challenged and the needy. (For the pics, inset: Her Excellency Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano handing over the keys of a newly built home to a widow at Nibo community).

Written by Evang Chinedu Obigwe, National co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum. Via:


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