April 6, 2018

Between Nollytainment and Silicon Valley

Between Nollytainment and Silicon Valley

By Juliet Ebirim

In a game changing development for Video and Movie industry, Nollytainment Inc, the promoters of the Nollycoin Cryptocurrency, announced its intention to Partner with a Silicon Valley Tech Company to introduce Nollycloud, a new proprietary technology that would allow video and movie users download huge data files without using any part of their internet bandwidth subscription.

Dr Ope Banwo, Founder/CEO of Nollytainment was ecstatic about this major breakthrough in the movie distribution, download and consumption experience. According to him “We are so blessed to be the first company to partner with a tech company to solve a major problem that has limited the growth and development of the movie industry in developing nations, where the cost of internet access is ridiculously expensive for users. I honestly can’t overstate the importance of this app to the growth of the industry”.

The NollyCloud is being positioned to be one of the key products in the Nollytainment blockchain ecosystem and will be an exclusive utility for holders of the Nollycoin Cryptocurrency. The official rollout of the NollyCloud has been fixed for the first week of August as part of the schedule of the unveiling of the different pieces of the Nollytainment Ecosystem.

Apart from the game changing NollyCloud App, other components of the Nollytainment ecosystem

include: Nolly Cinemas, NollyFlix, NollyMall, Nolly Academy and NollyCrowdfund  which will help qualifying producers raise funds for their projects through their fan base.