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Anti-corruption war: Focus on informal sector, introduce WAI, ex-NACOMYO president tells Buhari

Former president, National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations, NACOMYO, Alhaji Kamaldeen Akintunde, has called on President Muhammad Buhari to focus his anti-corruption war on the informal sector and re-introduce the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) believed to be very effective during his days as Military Head of State in 1983.

Akintunde who made this call during the association’s 7th Triennial National Delegates Conference, held in Ibadan, Oyo State recently, said the move will reduce profiteering in market places, sanitize the social circle where dishonesty is the order of the day; public places where nudity and other indecent practices prevail, as well as restore discipline in  private and public schools where malpractices among students and teachers reign supreme.


“As the present focus is in the official corridor, the “pendulum” should also swing to the  informal sector as well as the markets so as to reduce profiteering, even social circles where dishonesty is the order of the day, the schools, where malpractices among students and teachers reign and public places where nudity and other indecent practices prevail, he said.

He added that existing institutions like ICPC, EFCC must be strengthened to give credence and support to modest efforts such as the revelations coming out of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, (JAMB) from where some of us are beginning to realize the fact that the corruption among top officials is amazing and  better  imagined. To this end, youths in this country must learn to lend their voices to save their future.

“NACOMYO will support anti corruption studies being integrated into the school curricula. Moreover, except for political expediency, the War Against Indiscipline (WAI) deserves reintroduction. EFCC by now should declare the loot recovered, while government should inform Nigerians of the planned utilization of such funds. It underscores transparency and accountability, a cardinal approach to governance by the present PMB administration.

A further challenge spreading like wild fire and  undermining Nigeria’ s corporate existence is  religoius intolerance and ethnicity” rearing its ugly head in form of hate speeches, religious rivalry /enmity and ethnic cleansing”. It goes to show that, apart from corruption, religious bigotry and ethnic jingoism may kill Nigeria if these issues are not checked.

“Religious, tribal, political leaders must jettison sentiments and put national interests over and above other concerns. Their patriotic leadership goes a long way in engendering unity, peace and progress of the country. Government must take more proactive action at checking this trend.

“The political class is set and on the game plan to explore religion, ethnicity as calculations to obtain victory as usual. But  pious Nigerians out of patriotic concern must eschew sentiments and ensure the rightful and God-minded people are elected into offices. Allah says, “I will not change the condition of the people unless they change themselves”. The time to effect that change is now. Nigerians must play down their sentiments in exercising their franchise and enthrone a government that’s responsible and responsive.

“The Youth must also be seen to be positive and proactive in this regard, through constructive, meaningful, sincere and purposeful actions and undertakings that will repose confidence in them as today and tomorrow’s leaders. The era of using helpless youths to further personal or sectional concerns and interests must stop.As stakeholders in nation development, “our destiny lies in our hands”, so the adage says. Therefore, youths of this country have come of age and therefore must stop being used as tools by self-seeking Nigerians. The culture of violence associated with the youths, under the pretext of youth restiveness should be nipped in the bud, he cautioned.

The conference which coincided with the 30th anniversary of the group featured public presentation of two publications i.e the  6th edition of Al-fityah (NACOMYO magazine) and a compendium titled Towards Unity, Peace and Progress


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