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Man fights for life after razor atttack by ex-lover

By Perez Brisibe & Paul Olayemi

SAPELE— A 32-year-old man, Obagie Ikede is battling for his life in a private hospital in Sapele, Delta State, after Nunu Allround, a 30 year old mother of two slit his throat with razor blade for daring to end their three months old love affair.

A source, who claimed to be a family friend to the Ikedes, Rex, who revealed that the incident occurred Wednesday night at the Amukpe area of the town, said the woman had become so obsessed with Ikede since they started dating in the last three months.

“Nunu, a mother of two, has been dating Obagie for the past three months and she has been very obsessive, each time she visits him and sees a girl in his apartment, she will start shouting threatening to maim the girl and her boyfriend.’’

Trouble was said to have started weeks ago when Obagie said to be fed up with her attitude, decided to quit the relationship.

Rex noted that despite having relationship with other men, Nunu was said to have refused to accept Obagie’s decision.

‘’ Nunu was mad at Obagie and the day he went to break the news that he was no more interested Nunu was shaking with tears, insisting she was still interested in the relationship but Obagie refused’’

Nunu was said to have slit his throat with a new razor blade on Wednesday night when Obagie went to confront her in a friend’s house when he was told that Nunu was planning to attack the new girl he was dating, ‘’now see what she has done to him’’

But, a cousin of the victim, Greg, added that his cousin has since ended the relationship but she (aggrieved girlfriend) would not succumb to ending the relationship.

He said: “She was in the habit of reporting him to his mother and sisters claiming they are still dating.

“Angered by this, he went to her house to warn her to desist from such actions.

“While there, they had a verbal confrontation which resulted in her leaving a deep cut on the left side of his ear down to his throat with a razor blade.”

Speaking to Vanguard at a private hospital in the area, where the victim was rushed to, the aggrieved “girlfriend” explained that the victim had slapped her adding that she only responded in “self-defense.”

When contacted, a source at the Sapele Police Station told Vanguard that “the case is yet to be reported to us.”



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