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My l5-year-old is having unprotected sex!

Dear Bunmi,

I recently discovered that my I5-year-old daughter was having a sexual relationship when I read messages on her phone between her and her I6-year-old boyfriend.

What shocked me most wasn’t that they’d had sex, but that they’d had unprotected sex and she was worried she was pregnant.

I was disappointed at the choices my usually clever, sensible daughter had made. I felt she’d let herself – and me – down.

When I told her I’d read her messages, she was angry, but relieved that I knew.

I took her to our doctor’s for pregnancy and STI tests, which were thankfully negative.

Is she too young to be put on the pill?

Aanu, by e-mail.

Dear Aanu,

Before you put her on the pill, you both need to have a frank talk.

Go through every possible scenario of the consequences of a sexual relationship – from pregnancy, abortion and disease to the emotional fallout and people spreading vile rumours about her.

It is important for her to understand that you wouldn’t condone what she’d done.

Short of locking her in her bedroom, you can’t stop your daughter having sex, but you can make sure she is safe, careful and prepared.


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