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Apps that help new parents manage their babies

By Tare Youdeowei

Parenting, particularly for a first time parent, is not easy. In Nigeria, fortunately, we have the culture where the mother (hers, the baby’s father’s or available older woman of the family) comes to put her daughter through after the baby arrives. Hence, a new mother learns from an experienced mother. Whether the new mother is actually learning the right thing, is a matter for another day.

This system of tutoring doesn’t last long, particularly in these times when grandmothers have jobs and/or businesses to return to. A month later, the new parents are left to themselves.

To help new parents understand what is going on, even when the tutor is still around, there are applications that can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play store. These apps go as far as guiding you on how to help your baby develop basic skills, they help you schedule your baby’s activities so you, your partner or baby sitter can easily key into them to keep baby happy, as well as help you stay organised even when you have to resume work.


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Here, Vanguard Glam Tech provides a few of these applications and the basics of how they work. Fortunately, they can be downloaded into the most basic smart phone.

Glow Baby

This app guides you on your infant’s care during the first year; from bottle feeds, sleep schedules, starting solids, to recording developmental milestones. Glow Baby also sends personalised parenting tips and is free on iTunes and Google Play.

Baby Sparks

Tailored to support your baby’s development of cognitive, motor, speech, sensory, self-care and social-emotional abilities in all stages, Baby Sparks is free on iTunes and Google Play. It does not stop there, it helps your baby meet milestones by suggesting daily activities designed to aid your baby in crawling, to walking and beyond.

WebMD Baby

To track your baby’s health, WebMD Baby is designed to put reliable and accurate information in your hands. It contains information about symptoms, vaccines, baby sleep patterns as well as the latest health news. It is free on iTunes and Google Play.

Baby Time

Designed to help either parent, caregivers or baby sitters stay organised and track baby’s activities, Baby Time tracks feeding times, bottles, pumping, sleep, baths and even diaper change.  It does this by creating a customised graph that helps you figure out your baby’s natural rhythm.

Sound Sleeper

Available on iTunes and Google Play for free. Putting Sound Sleeper on Listen mode not only produces hushing or soothing sounds or lullabies for your baby but your baby’s cry will automatically turn it on and soothe your baby back to sleep. The app goes a step further to generate colour  coded graphs to keep track of your baby’s sleep pattern.

Wonder Weeks

This app is packed with over 500 video explanations about your baby’s cognitive development, like why he or she is crying. The week by week updates are informative, fun to follow and let you learn at your pace. Wonder Weeks costs $4 on iTunes and $5 on Google Play.

Today’s Parent

This app offers personalised content based on your child’s age and stage. It assists with scheduling breastfeeding, as well as bottle feeding. The app also features how to videos on recipes and crafts. It is free on iTunes and Google Play.


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