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Frustration of the power of darkness

By Pastor Okokon Ating

It may surprise you to note that the powers of darkness can oppose the smooth and peaceful stay of marriage in all ramifications. It may seem very difficult for many people to accept this fact especially when it has never happened in their lives. But believe it or not, it is hap-pening.

The Holy Spirit wants me to share these experiences with married people who don’t be-lieve that there is such an evil omen in marriages. Do not be ignorant or else your marria-ge may be destroyed while you put the blame on God, your wife/husband or family members.

Since marriage is God’s own institution, Satan finds it ne-cessary to fight against it so that God’s purpose might not be fulfilled. It is through marriage that there is procre-ation. It is written in Genesis 3:15: “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman,

And between thy seed and her seed, he shall bruise thy Head and thus shalt bruise his heel.”

The fact behind this verse is that, it is through Adam and Eve that the man child was promised. This man child is Christ whom Satan fought against from the beginning of His birth and Ministry till today in respect of the Church which is you and I who are the products of the marriage. “No human be-ing, no marriage”, and “No marriage, no Church”.

All are the properties and bride of Christ on earth. Satan knew from the beginning that if Christ comes, his kingdom will be toppled, that is the reason he fought to kill Jesus Christ. Let it be emphatically known that in every marriage that is con-tracted, the kingdom of darkness, first of all knows the following:

  1. The spiritual status of the couple
  2. The future of the couple in the course of their marriage.
  3. The strength and the weakness of the couple in the course of marriage
  4. The product of such ma-rriage.
  5. The marital, financial, economical and social status of such marriage
  6. The generational line-up and the achievement of the marriage.
  7. The two wives or more syn-drome and mentality of such marriage.

Since Satan knows all these about the couple, he does the fighting from the beginning of courtship and engage-ment till the wedding and so on. It is only the ignorant couples who would or may not lay to heart concerning satanic devices even when they perceived the signs or the handwriting on the wall.

Some who might have known it only pray a little for their peaceful stay, grow-th and achievement. Some would pray only when they begin to see the troubling water which is just a sign of what had transpired al-ready in the spiritual realm.

Let me analyze those fact-ors I have itemized above to the understanding of those who may not have ex-perienced the blows of Sat-an in their marital life.

  1. The spiritual status of the couple

Satan and his agents know who is who before birth. They knew the fixtures which God has arranged for everyone who is purposeful in life. Likewise in marriage, Satan knows the type of a man who will lift up a wo-man of God’s glory through marriage and vice visa. He also knows the kind of wo-man who will catapult a man to a greater height through marriage. The fix-ture of men and women by God sometimes is unknown to us but best known to God.

The husband may be the type who is weak in spirit de-spite his being a man. Such could be attached to a wom-an who has a very strong spir-it just to complement and bring a balance to such a family in the world. Similar-ly, a weak woman can be attached to a brave man just for them to produce balanc-ed seeds which are children.

The first day I brought my wife to my parents as my future partner, a certain man saw her and shouted, ‘’Wow! Wow!! Who owns this light?” adding that her light will outshine his own wife’s own in the family. He asked where I got this kind of light from, referring to my wife. “Who directed you to catch up with this wonderful light?” Another man said I was too young to get marr-ied, the third person said my wife looked like a lady who would not have children in life, and advised my father that I shouldn’t be allowed to marry the lady because her star is brighter than mine and that the lady will be bigger than me in future.

These and many other nega-tive pronouncements went on just to make sure that our courtship will not come to reality, but with prayers and encouragement from my parents, we ended up marry-ing each other.

The moment an evil person sees that you are fulfilling God’s purpose in life; they will find all ways to destroy or discourage you to back off. I want to encourage you today that you should hold on to God, the author of marriages and our Great Protector; He will protect us from all evils.

God bless you and your marriage. Amen.

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