January 12, 2018

I like Obiano’s style of leadership – Ikedigwe

I like Obiano’s style of leadership – Ikedigwe

Chief Uche Ikedigwe

Oba Uche Ikedigwe is a high chief from Agukwu Nri Community and an APGA Chieftain. In this interview with newsmen he eulogized Governor Obiano for his administrative modus operandi and good work in Anambra State.

He also urged the Governor to double his performance in his 2nd term because the people of the State have an absolute confidence in him to lead them to their envisaged promise land. Excerpts:

Chief Uche Ikedigwe

  1. Sir, How will you rate Governor Obiano’s performance in Anambra State?

Chief Uche Ikedigwe:- Governor Obiano is doing very well in office. I see him as a serious minded and focused leader that does not have time for anything that will not have positive impact on the lives of the people of Anambra State. I like his style of leadership.

As an opposition leader, he has redefined opposition politics in Nigeria. Honestly speaking, Governor Obiano is a rare gem destined by God to salvage Anambra people from deceitful leadership. If you follow Obiano up, you will discover that he is a stickler of truth and that his words are his bonds.

He does not indulge in deceitful actions. Our people are solidly behind him because they know that he is reliable and trustworthy. Our people also know that Governor Obiano came to serve and to deliver dividends of good governance to them.

He has justified the confidence reposed on him by Anambra electorate and you know about the Igbo popular adage that says “when a road is good, people will follow the road the 2nd time”.

Anambra electorate massive vote for Governor Obiano on the November 18th election is aimed at rewarding him for the good works he is doing in our State. In the history of Anambra State, No Governor has ever won the 21 local governments in an election, but Governor Obiano achieved that feat because he was able to use his 1st term mandate to execute developmental projects in the whole communities of Anambra State.

Anambra people are truly happy because Governor Obiano is doing what they expected from him. Our Governor has done well in all sectors of Governance especially in the areas of Security and Agricultural sector. As at today in Anambra State, a lot of our wealthy businessmen have gone into farming because Governor Obiano turned that sector to a lucrative sector.

Cosmas Maduka, the Chairman of Coscharis Motors, Emeka Okwuosa, the Chairman of Oil Serve, Dr. Emmanuel Egbogah former Presidential Adviser on Petroleum and many others are big farmers in Anambra State.

They keyed into Governor Obiano administration ‘think home initiative’ and invested millions of Dollars in Anambra State Agricultural Sector.

On security sector, Governor Obiano is a Governor that stays awake watching over the people of the State for them to sleep peacefully and comfortably with their two eyes closed. Another area Governor Obiano did very well is the area of investment attraction.

He attracted close to 3 billion dollars investments to Anambra State under his 1st tenure. This is truly a commendable feat. So in all honesty, Governor Obiano came prepared to deliver dividends of good governance to the people of Anambra State.

  1. You are an APGA chieftain that hails from Anambra Central, how prepared is APGA to win the court of appeal ordered rerun election that is coming up on January 13th, 2018?

The Bible says that what is written is written. APGA is destined to emerge victorious in that election. It is said that weeping may tarry for the night but joy comes in the morning.

Chief Sir Victor Umeh, the APGA candidate for that election travelled a tortuous road to retrieve his stolen mandate and his efforts will be crowned with a landslide victory on January 13th. An Igbo adage says that “Any person that raises up something that belongs to a child, when the person’s hand start paining him or her, she will bring down the hand for the child to collect what belongs to him”.

This is exactly what happened to Victor Umeh. Our people will vote overwhelmingly for him and I know that he will replicate what he did at the national conference for the people of Anambra Central at the Senate.

He will give the people of our zone effective representation at the Red chamber. My advice to Anambra Central electorate is that they should endeavor to give Victor Umeh 7/7 landslide victory on January 13th so that when he gets to the Senate, he will be the only Senator in Nigeria that achieved such commendable electoral feat.

I believe that whatever that is worth doing is worth doing well, Victor Umeh has paid his dues in Anambra politics and he deserves to be rewarded. You cannot talk about the success of Mr. Peter Obi as Anambra Governor without mentioning the contributions of Victor Umeh and the same thing is applicable to Governor Obiano. So am of the firm belief that Victor Umeh deserves to be rewarded for his valued contribution in enthroning better leadership in Anambra State.

  1. What is your rating of INEC performance in the November 18th election?

The current INEC leadership is doing excellently well. I will narrow my judgment of their performance to the last November 18th Anambra Governorship election. As far as am concerned, that election is the most transparent election in the history of this country.

The democratic choice of Anambra electorate was allowed to count in that election. Recently an erudite lawyer in the person of Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) gave INEC pass mark for conducting free and fair election in the nation. I agree totally with him.

INEC leadership as it is constituted currently has won the confidence of the electorates with their unbiased role for the deepening of Nigeria’s nascent democracy. They are living up to people’s expectation and this is truly a departure from the past fraudulent practice when INEC Officials connived with electoral fraudsters to rig elections across the country.

My advice to INEC is that they should use the template they used in conducting Anambra election to conduct the 2019 election. Another commendable precedent that was set by former President Goodluck Jonathan is that of good sportsmanship.

Our people now go into elections with the spirit of a good sports man that is ready to accept the outcome of the election as far as the election is free and fair. This has reduced electoral litigations and also gave the winner of the election the opportunity to concentrate on fulfilling his campaign promises to the electorate.

Honestly, if our politicians will do the same in 2019, it means that our democracy has come to stay. I am giving Prof. Mahamoud Yakubu, the INEC led leadership kudos for doing a good job for Nigerians. They are pro-Nigerians that are defending the electoral decision of Nigerians.

  1. As Governor Obiano prepares to be sworn for 2nd term on March 17, what advice do you have for him?

My advice for him is that he should know that to whom much is given much is also expected. The expectations of Anambra people from him are much and he must endeavor to actualize that expectation.

He should keep up the good work he is doing in our State because doing that will endear him more to the people of the State. I will also advice him to ensure the completion of all the projects started by him before leaving the stage for his successor.

This issue of inherited projects is becoming a serious issue that is being exploited by predecessors against their successors in office. It happened in Anambra; when Governor Obiano completed a project and commission them, Peter Obi praise singers claimed that the project was Peter’s initiative to score cheap political point against the government.

Currently, President Muhammadu Buhari suffered the same fate after the commissioning of the Kaduna Standard rail gauge project. Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State and Senator Ben Murray Bruce of Bayelsa State had verbal altercations in print media over that commissioning.

So if Governor Obiano can endeavour to complete all projects started by his administration before handing over to his successor, it will be an unforgettable landmark achievement. Our people will remain forever grateful to him for doing that.

It will be an enviable and difficult to beat legacy. I will not fail to commend the Governor for making budgetary provisions for the conduct of local government election in the 2018 budget that was presented by him to the State House of Assembly. His decision to conduct local government election this year is really commendable. It is a proof of his sincere desire to ensure grassroot development in Anambra State.

  1. What advice do you have for the people of Anambra State?

My advice for Anambra people is that they should keep supporting Governor Obiano’s administration because their support will serve as an encouragement to the Governor. All hands must be on deck for the betterment of our State.

Another advice I have for them is that they must make wise choice in the forthcoming 2019 general election. They should not allow their conscience to be swayed with monetary inducement. A repeat of what they did for Governor Obiano in the last November 18th election is what is expected of them during the 2019 general election.

The era of money bag politicians dictating the states leadership is gone in Anambra State and we will not allow a return of that era to our state again. We will always ensure that our leaders from House of Assembly, to House of Reps and to the Senate must be elected by us the electorates, so that they will represent our interest.

Written by the National Coordinator APGA Media Warriors Forum, Evang Chinedu Obigwe