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LG expands innovations in clothing care technology

South Korean technology giant, LG Electronics has concluded plans to register its footprint at IFA 2017 global trade  show  for consumer electronics and home appliances holding next week in Berlin, German with the unveiling of    Total Clothing Care solution.

The latest TWINWash washing machines will be accompanied by LG’s latest innovations in clothing care technology featured in the company’s high efficient dryers and the LG Styler.

With endless innovation, , the   expansion of LG’s TWINWash lineup reflects the company’s dedication to providing efficiency and convenience in every part of the home.

The new lineup consists of models of different sizes – ranging from large capacity 27-inch units to more affordable 24-inch options.

With models of different sizes,   customer can now enjoy the benefits of the innovative TWINWash regardless of their household size.

Initially available in the market in 2015, the product boost LG distinction of being the world’s first twin-load washing machine.

The TWINWash lineup offers innovative features such as TrueSteam and TurboWash   to eliminate almost all allergens, wrinkles, odors and soften clothing all while offering powerful wash performance.

“LG’s vision for total clothing care, with washing, drying, and styling solutions to meet laundry needs from start to finish, is exemplified by the company’s latest home appliances which we’ll be showing at IFA,”   Song Dae-hyun, president of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, said, adding that,

“By incorporating our ground-breaking TWINWash technology in a diverse range of new products, we are perfectly positioned to meet the demands of different households with different lifestyles and needs.”

Alongside its washing machines, LG is offering dryer solutions for customers who prioritize energy-efficiency and convenience.

Equipped with LG’s Inverter Heatpump technology, LG’s New Dryer minimizes fabric damage by maintaining a low drying temperature while also providing more options, such as Eco Mode and Turbo Mode.

Highly efficient Eco Mode saves energy and emits very low noise while Turbo Mode ensures a quicker drying time.

The LG Styler delivers the final step in the clothing care process. Designed to refresh and deodorize clothes to perfection, the Styler uses TrueSteam™ technology to gently sanitize clothes while reducing wrinkles and odors with ease.

The Styler also incorporates the same Inverter Heatpump technology found in LG’s dryers to ensure delicate treatment of all clothing.

A core feature of the Styler is its Moving Hanger, which gently shakes clothes to further reduce wrinkles formed during the steam process.


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