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He doesn’t care for us

Dear Bunmi,

I am a single mother with a partner that is highly unreliable. In spite of having a young daughter, we don’t see him for days on end. He doesn’t phone to see if we are alright though a lot of his friends see and hear from him regularly.

I haven’t seen him for close to two months now and when he eventually answered my call, he said I should stop pestering him. Am I crazy for expecting him to keep in touch?

Labo, by e-mail.

Dear Labo,

You’re crazy alright for putting up with a man like him. He’s treating you appallingly. It’s obvious he doesn’t care for you or want to be with his child.

There’s also the question of where he stays when he’s away from home. Is he playing away? You need to make a decision – either turn this relationship around by asking your man outright what he really wants or walk away and find someone who really cares.


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