December 2, 2017

‘Cake making has become work of art’

‘Cake making has become work of art’

Exotique Cake

The Managing Director, Vienz Flavours, Vivienne Bassey has advised women entrepreneurs in the country to embark on personal development in order to succeed in business and also compete favourably in a global business environment especially in developing countries of Africa where entrepreneurs have to work it out before their business grow.

Vienz Flavours, a confectionery company where cake making has become work of art, competing favourably in the industry despite operational and environmental challenges in Nigeria.

In a chart with media men, Bassey said that the way forward for any business venture in the country is  capacity  building.

Bassey who had her first degree in English from the University of Uyo, a Masters in managerial psychology from the University of Ibadan as well as being a Chartered Personnel Manager, IPM and Chartered Marketing Manager, found her true calling and job satisfaction in creating very arty pieces of cakes and has created a niche for herself in the confectionery industry.

According to her, capacity building pushed the business the level it is today as history of cake baking in Nigeria is not complete without mentioning Vivienne Bassey.

Bassey who said that foundation helps business to thrive said cake making was not her first choice, but to open a restaurant because cooking had always been a passion for her since she was a kid.

Speaking further on the strength of technology on cake making, she said that cake making has gone away from the traditional way, “there is nothing traditional about cakes anymore, because these days people want you to model things they love, so if you are not embarking on training to deliver desired results you will lose relevance and gradually shake out of business. “What I’m trying to say is that cake is arts, people can ask during anniversary to make cake to model a church building with a bible on it. Cakes are like architectural pieces which involve research before you can be creative.

Responding to industry challenges, Bassey said epileptic power supply is affecting the business as profit is channeled  to diesel while cost of ingredients for baking is also on the high side.