Provocatively beautiful Beninese musician and actress, Ella Martins, has been off the radar for a while but surfaced again when she celebrated her birthday on Monday, November 6, 2017. Looking as captivating as ever, Ella posted her picture on Instagram and in a matter of minutes, comments of good tidings, wishing her well, soon flooded her page.

Ella Martins

For a woman who once boasted of having dated a president of a country and many high-profile dignitaries across Africa, her life has been quite silent in recent times. So, out of curiosity Potpourri asked if she’s as appealing to the opposite sex as before and she replied in the afirmative.

“People are still crazy about me. Many men are in love with me and dying to have me as a lover. Everybody loves me and they show it everyday. People just can’t have enough of Ella. They think they have seen all of me but there is more to show”, she teased.

The ‘Chocolat’ sensation once told Potpourri that her major influence was in Rihanna.

“ She inspires me. We have a lot in common; she has talents, beauty and also possesses delightful sex appeals,” she said.


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