…UAC, Leventis, Chi & Food Concept battle

Stories by Princewill Ekwujuru &Yusuf kazeem

THE revolution and product segmentation taking place in the sausage roll market has led to battle for greater market share, while attention is being paid to price, taste and product repackaging.

These may have also led producers to begin to play at the lower end of the market as a result of inflationary and recessionary pressures on consumers’ disposable income.

Also multiplicity of product retail sizes and units across brands has bridged affordability gap between the affluent and the indigent consumers, making battle for greater market share stiffer, while minimizing the impact of price differences.

The producers have also embarked on direct marketing of the products by bringing the brands close to consumers, for example, hold-up sales technique to enhance availability.

Heightening competition

These developments have pitched producers against each other, thereby forcing them to scramble for consumers pocket, while heightening competition among multinational brands such as Leventis Foods Limited, makers of Meaty beef roll, Chi Limited, manufacturers of Superbite & Beefie beef rolls, UAC Foods, producers of Gala (the oldest in this product line), Food Concept, manufacturers of Yumyum beef roll and Rite Foods Limited, makers of Rite and Bigi beef rolls.

Other key competitors are UTC Foods, producers of Chopsy beef Roll, Esosa Investments Limited, producers of Naga. There are other smaller (roadside) players who have helped to raise competition in the market.

Vanguard Companies and Markets, C&M, findings show that of this number, five brands, namely, Gala, Meaty, Superbite, Yumyum and Rite have emerged top of the mind brands, with Gala losing part of her market share, even though the beef roll phenomenon started with Gala, the first brand of packaged beef rolls. However, the battle for market share has paved way for targeting consumers on price, taste, beefy product, attractive packaging and availability.

Consumers’ response

Sampling of consumers’ preferences in parts of Lagos showed that majority of the consumers take their snacks in the hold-up, buy as gift for their children and wellwishers. A wholesaler, who said her name is simply Madam Jennifer at Ikotun market, Lagos, said “Yumyum roll is the most preferred by customers, but when not available consumers buy Rite sausage roll, followed by Superbite, Gala only comes to mind because of its generic nature and popularity”

According to a wholesaler, Madam Titilope, in the same market, said: “Yumyum and Superbite move faster in the market than other products.” According to a wholesaler, Mr. Adams of Mirable Venture at Ikotun market, Lagos, “Superbite and Rite rolls are countering Yumyum’s dominance.

Speaking with a wholesaler, Mr. Uche of Uche Enterprises at Oke-arin market, Lagos, said, “a product like Meaty, Beefie, Superbite, Rite, Naga and Yumyum are favourite of customers.

While speaking with a retailer, Madam Oyindamola at Cele bus-stop, Apapa-Oshodi expressway, Lagos, said, “whenever I buy half carton of sausage rolls, I select 20 pieces of Yumyum rolls and select few of other products Yumyum rolls moves faster”.

However, a retailer, Madam Sofiat at Igando market, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, said, “people demand for Superbites and Rite more than other products while some people buy Yumyum because of   its feel and size.”

According to a consumer, Victor Humdeyi, beef roll has become a food product Nigerians have come to trust and rely on when trapped in traffic, but he noted that the market has greatly expanded. “There is virtually no place in Nigeria one cannot find these snacks.

He went on to say, “the amusing thing is that the name Gala has stuck with most people. Most consumers still refer to other brands as Gala.”Another consumer, Abraham Emilagba, lamented that “instead of the rolls to be stuffed with meat it is not like that. It does not seem beefy neither does it taste meaty. ”

According to him, “the filing of Gala of old was tasty, as also confirmed by some other consumers, and that was why consumers got hooked to the brand, today that meaty concept is missing in the sausage rolls. What we have as meat stuffing are just spiced, lumpy, pink coloured ingredient.”

However, efforts made to speak with manufacturers of the brands failed as they refused to  answer to questions posed to them.


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