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Brazilian President trapped in legal logjam

The charges of obstruction of justice and criminal associations against Brazilian President Michel Temer were delivered on Thursday to the House of Representatives’ Constitution and Justice Committee.

The Commission would choose a rapporteur for the case, who would elaborate a document recommending either the admittance or non-admittance of the charges against the president.

“This report needs to be approved by the Commission and then submitted to vote by the House.

“If the House decides to admit the charges, Temer will be suspended as president pending trial.

“Otherwise, the case will be shelved and the Supreme Court cannot submit Temer to trial until the end of his presidential tenure,’’ commission noted.

Temer was charged with obstruction of justice and illicit association on Sept. 14, which was filed by then prosecutor-general Rodrigo Janot to the Supreme Court.

Report says it is the second time Temer has been charged this year.

In May, he was accused of passive corruption after meatpacking giant JBS executives turned over evidence that Temer had sought bribes from them.

The initial charge was later dropped by the Chamber of Deputies.

According to local news, Temer, in the meantime, is allegedly trying to use his influence to save Sen. Aecio Neves, a member of Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) and a principal ally of him.

According to the report, keeping the PSDB in the coalition is essential for Temer’s survival; therefore saving Neves can be efficient for him to ensure partial support of the party.

Sen. Neves was caught on negotiating a payment of 2 million reals (about 632,000 dollars) with Joesley Batista, head of the JBS, who unveiled the corruption case and relevant evidences.

Neves had his mandate suspended by the Supreme Court earlier this week because of passive corruption.

According to G1, Temer discussed the matter with his allies and sought to save Neves on Wednesday.



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