August 4, 2017

President freed of corruption charges, faces more for obstruction of justice

President freed of corruption charges, faces more for obstruction of justice

Brazil’s Prosecutor-General Rodrigo Janot has commenced preparation to bring a new charge against President Michel Temer for obstruction of justice at the Supreme Court, according to a Brazilian television, GloboNews.

The television said Janot accused president of obstructing justice, a day after the Chamber of Deputies dismissed corruption charges against him Wednesday.

According to GloboNews, Janot has asked the Supreme Court Judge, Justice Edson Fachin, to distinguish the charge of obstruction of justice from bribery involving executives of a Brazilian meatpacking conglomerate, JBS.

President Michel Temer: implicated in bribery scandal

This, it said became necessary for Janot to charge Temer and his associates solely for alleged obstruction of justice.

According to Rodrigo Janot, the investigation into JBS, on May, has revealed that Temer committed the crimes of passive corruption, illicit association and obstruction of justice by buying the silence of public officials.

However, there may not be enough time for Janot to charge Temer for illicit association, because the prosecutor will step down from his position on Sept. 17.

Until then, he has to focus entirely on the accusation of obstruction of justice.

In Wednesday’s vote to dismiss the corruption charges against the president, government allies in the Chamber received 263 votes against 227 to reject the charges, more than the one third threshold of votes.

According to Brazilian law, the current result means Temer cannot be prosecuted on the corruption allegations again during his term in office.

However, since Janot on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court to include Temer in the investigation into a conspiracy-based bribery by his Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) leadership, Temer is still being investigated.

If the Chief Prosecution Office decides to bring new charges against Temer, he will have to take the same old road once more.