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Kogi State  under siege, govt seems helpless; clueless says Okai Austin

The National coordinator Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Youth Frontier, Comrade Usman Okai Austin who is a native of Emewe-Opada, in Dekina Local Government Area‎ in Kogi State also an advocate for social justice and good governance in Nigeria has said that Kogi state is in the hands of kidnappers and the government seems helpless and clueless on what to do to bring the situation to a halt .

Okai Austin

He further said that people expected good governance from governor Yahaya Bello but the reverse is the case , lamenting that  the  state was giving out cheaply  to a man that lacks prowess and wherewithal.

Okai Austin in this interview on the current political situation in Kogi state said he could not understand why someone will tamper with the salaries of workers thereby directly investing in poverty among  Civil servants putting Kogi state  under siege .

As Peoples Advocates, you have been very critical of the current administration. What do you think are the anomalies?

Myriads of anomalies ranges from governance to social responsibilities. Government ‎of Alhaji Yahaya Bello in Kogi is built on deceit, lies, misinformation, denials, persecution and all worth not’s.

Salaries ‎were not statutorily paid, we got Bailout, Paris club refunds in billions, yet workers, pensioners, entitlement at all levels were not resolved to the tune of 18 to 20 months due to endless screening.

Even those screened and cleared are still waiting on the list of non payment of salaries, with reports of the screening muddled up and hijacked by same government at the point of conclusion.

Kogi is in a serious mess in this dispensation. Human development sacrificed at the alter of avarice and haywire politics with poverty, starvation the other of the day, Kogi state is in the hands of kidnappers and the government seems helpless and clueless on what to do to bring this unfortunate incident to a halt .

What do you think the people of Kogi state should look up to that is not been offered them now.

Soon after the ascension of the current administration regarded as divine with youthful person, Alhaji Yahaya Bello at the helms of affairs, we expect a departure from the old order and display of agile and active traits to the betterment of the citizenry, but the reverse is the case.

Government that took off on the destruction of monumental relics and structures to mere renovation whose amount triple the cost of acquiring or putting up a new structure is sad.

The tourists centres and structures demolished could not be replaced with billions of naira tax payers money for mere parochial political interest. It is highly worrisome.

Kogi state is a Civil servants state and whoever tampers with the salaries of workers is directly investing in poverty. The people expected good governance but unfortunately the reverse is the case . The state was cheaply giving out to a man that lacks prowess and wherewithal to even be a local government chairman more or less a state governor. Kogi is currently under siege

Part of the criteria to govern the state was youthfulness which Mr. Yahaya Bello represents, should that be taken into consideration come 2019?

That idea is not negotiable as it is in vogue world over, even though, Kogi is experiencing the other side of the coin with bitter lessons, we will not be deterred. Providence had decided on generational shift of power to more youthful persons and due for endorsement through the on going constitutional amendment. In youths, a lot of potentials are been tapped, so Kogi will not be an exception going by the feelings and the choices of the masses .

But the present Governor is a complete bad example of the youth in governance we sort for, though, remember Bello was never elected but imposed on us by the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the power that be. His adolescence character is unacceptable, ever since he got this power cheaply he has involved himself in all manner of controversies, Bello at war with Nigerians Senate, he is at war with state assembly , he is at war with the state NLC, NUT, NMA, ASUU and pensioners. He is at war with opposition and even his own political party has passed a vote of no confidence on him .

He is at war with Senator Dino Melaiye , he is at war with his colleague in Akwa Ibom he is so confuse with power and  knows not  what next to do with power . Kogi own is a typical example of power misses road .

It was alleged that Kogi state was more divided under Bello led government now than before, if that is substantiated, what kind of person do you think should be supported in future gubernatorial elections. ?

Sharply divided in all ramifications interms of transparency, accountability and due diligence.

The civil service, the engine room of governance had been polarised along ethnic divide, politically it had attained a dangerous dimension with the way the government operates. Projects inherited are deliberately abandoned i e KSUTH Anyigba, New Kogi House, Kogi Hotels and others that could attract investment and revenues to the state. We yearn for a state were all and sundry will collectively contribute to the development and progress of the state one way or the other and not divide and rule idea

We use to hear of Kogi project and that of Dekina project which is a local government in Kogi state. Can you elucidate more on this?

‎No doubt, Kogi project is geared towards the development and emancipation of Kogians, and as it stands, it is noon negotiable from all areas leadership is bestowed. But, when narrow down to Dekina project had to do with the betterment and the resolve to lead Kogi state by the people of the area.

Although, for good governance, we are not religiously committed to the agenda, but to go back to the basis, it must be a corollary and subject of negotiations and political solutions. Alas, it is a mission, desired to be accomplished to ensure sane political development were all will be a beneficiary

Other issues

Thank you, issues ranges from many angles of our national life. A blossom economic, political and social development that will translate to good governance. Where people saddled with leadership positions are held accountable to the people, deploying social activities and attention. Leadership devoid of vendetta, intimidation, liberalism and not ruler ship traits devoid of autocratic tendencies.

You were accused of collecting money from people to make them governor by some how true is that ?

The media aides of the governor has run out of idea and they are confuse. I don’t have power to make anybody a governor in  Kogi state just that I am very sure by God grace that Bello is only one term Governor .

The desperation expressed by the media aide of the governor is clear and as am talking to you I don’t have any candidate but we are aware of certain criteria that must be meet to even think of via for the highest office in the land, we need a man of proven integrity and outstanding precedent, we need a technocrat who can’t look inward to boast our IGR  the next governor will meet several challenges , by end of this month Kogi state allocation will be short by 800 million Naira as a deduction for the repayment of bailout fund that was squandered by this very government and so many were unlawfully sent into retirement .




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