February 2, 2017

Speed Limiting Device: FRSC starts impounding defaulting vehicles

Speed Limiting Device: FRSC starts impounding defaulting vehicles

By Bartholomew Madukwe

Lagos—Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, yesterday said it had started impounding commercial vehicles that do not have the Speed Limiting Device, noting that the enforcement would get to private vehicles soon.

Speaking during a visit to Vanguard Newspapers corporate headquarters in Apapa, yesterday, the Apapa Unit Commander, Assistant Corps Commander, ACC, Mr Emmanuel Edeh, advised motorists to ensure that they install the Speed Limiting Device.

He said: “Those who have not installed the Speed Limiting Device should ensure that they do so. Speed has claimed a lot of lives. The lesser the speed, the lesser the impact in case of accident. A commercial vehicle is made not to exceed 90 kilometres per hour. That is the need of this Speed Limiting Device. We are starting with commercial vehicles.

“As at now, the enforcement is for  commercial vehicles. As time goes on it will get to private vehicles. That is why we carried out enforcement this morning and made some arrests. There is need for people to know that according to Corps Marshall and Chief Executive of FRSC, we have been mandated and directed to start full enforcement, which we started today. “

According to him, the visit was to inform the people of the full enforcement of Speed Limiting Device by FRSC, which started on February 1, 2017.

He added: “Since 2016 we have been  advising people on the need to install Speed Limiting Device in their vehicles as it is contained in Section 119 (6) of the National Road Traffic Regulation (NRTR) 2012, which states that all vehicles plying any public road shall be in possession of Speed Limiting Device.

“Also Section 152 (4) of the NRTR, 2012, states that no vehicle will ply any public road without the installation of the Speed Limiting Device.  Section 10 (3M) of the FRSC Act 2007 empowers FRSC to regulate and enforce the Speed Limiting Device.”

Edeh explained that the Speed Limiting Device is an electro-mechanic device which restrains a vehicle from moving more than the stipulated speed limit and can be obtained from accredited vendors.