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Germany immortalises Mercedes Pagoda SL

By Theodore Opara

The Mercedes W 113 SL model series hit the market in 1963. Due to the design of its removable hard top, the roadster quickly earned the moniker “Pagoda.” Today, more than 50 years later, the German two-seater is one of the most popular vintage cars on the market.

The global fan community is huge, and models in top condition sometimes sell for twenty times what the car cost new originally.

Legends have always been immortalized on postage stamps! For this reason, 69 PIT STOP commissioned a limited edition of an exclusive collectors’ stamp featuring the “Pagoda” SL from the German Postal Service.

The self-adhesive stamp has a postage value of 70 cent for a standard letter, and shows a thrilling action shot of a signal-red “Pagoda” 280 SL.

As homage to the birth year of the classic, only precisely 1,963 collectors folded cards each holding two “Pagoda” postage stamps between the covers will be issued.

The rare postage stamps are available exclusively online at Each collectors’ card with two postage stamps sells for 10 euro including shipping.



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