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“Our aim is to produce multitude of Quran Memorisers”

By Saheed Falade

“Verily, We Ourselves have sent down this exhortation, most surely, We will be its guardian’ (Holy Qur’an 15:10)

It is indeed not an overstatement, that the Holy Qur’an is but a divine scripture; which is incomparable to any other religious books. And that its kind cannot be found anywhere in the world is not a fallacy. It is such a unique and sublime book which brings back all what had been expunged from previous scriptures, makes corrections of all the distorted information in early religious books and therefore holistically encompasses everything human mind needs for its moral, physical and spiritual advancement.

It is a book of guidance, a total way of life and a code of conduct which leaves no stone unturned, when it comes to any facet of jurisprudence and any type of knowledge- conventional or Islamic. No wonder why Allah, Himself emphatically laid emphasis on its eternal supervision and protection.

Preservation of the Holy Qur’an

It is a divine promise that the glorious Qur’an will not suffer any alteration of any form. Historically, Qur’an has undergone many processes of preservation for its revelation, documentation, memorization up till its standardization. There are countless people in the world today who are the custodians of this noble book, through its memorization. They commit the whole context of the holy Qur’an into memory and learn it by heart. These people be it male or female are technically referred to as “Hufazul-Qur’an”- Qur’an memorizers.

It is no more a news that Mahmud Ahmadiyya College, Ijede, MACI has been exceptionally blessed, by contributing her quota to the on-going process of preserving the Book of Allah via her peerless

School of Qur’anic memorization. It has been a dream of MACI to establish such a wonderful school, from where Hufaz (male and female Qur’an memorizers) are being graduated. Alhamdulillah that this dream came to reality, when the school authority took the bull by the horn by enrolling the first set of young boys within the ages 10 – 13 into the school of Qur’an Memorization which started in September, 2012.

Interview was conducted in August/September 2012 and ten boys were admitted as the pioneer students. Alhamdulillah! Nine of these “Brains” graduated with exceptional successes last year October, 2015. In 2013, twelve students were given admission comprising seven boys and five  girls. Alas! Eight of these graduated last week November 13, 2016.

In year 2014, only three students were admitted, two boys and one girl. This set are currently in their third year. Sixteen students were given admission in the year 2015 comprising three girls and thirteen boys. Eight of them were admitted into preliminary class – i.e. they are to spend one year at preliminary class before proceeding to year 1. While the other eight were given admission into year 1 directly.

In August this year, Nine students were admitted, six boys and three girls. Four of them are in

preliminary class while five are fully in year one class. I pray may Allah ease this herculean task for them all. (Amin).

Obtainable target

In MACI Tahfiz class, students are expected to finish memorization of the whole Qur’an (30 parts) within 2 Y2 years and use the remaining 6 months for revision. However, some may finish before the stipulated period. It all depends on individual’s ability or potentials. In our Modrasatul Hifz, students are not mainly into conventional education and Islamic studies such as: Mathematics, English Language, Arabic Language, Hadith, Tajweed, Salat Practice among others. All these are also the sub targets they must meet before finishing their course.

This combination does not only help in widening the students’ horizons but also assist them in resuming to any choice of their classes in Junior or Senior Secondary School, after the completion of their courses in Tahfiz Class.

Nevertheless, doors remain open for admission of new intakes. You are warmly welcome as you bring forth your children or wards. I most humbly beseech Allah to make our children the delights of our eyes. Amin.



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