By Janet Adetu
For many men dressing up can either be a walk in the park or a not so exciting expedition. Some men have the charm, the skill and the charisma to pull off a well-polished look or they find it a boring exercise hence are quite bad at dressing. For the latter shopping for clothes takes no effort they stop and buy as they see without putting any fashion sense forward. Infact some men prefer others to buy clothing gifts to avoid the whole shopping experience altogether.

Ultimately it is not uncommon to see the following traits in men:

i.They tend to wear the similar clothing regularly

  1. They settle for the same or similar colours all the time

iii. Their formal wear has a hand full of ties mainly received as gifts

  1. They have a very limited shoe collection
  2. Their grooming style is constant with very little effort
  3. Most times they are out of sync with fashion

A man’s style is his signature, it adds volume to his presence. It shows that you are to a large extent in line with what is in vogue – the current trends and may choose to adapt to it or not. A stylish man is aware of what to wear at the right time and place. He also has a sense of colour coordination and what works best for him.

Choosing your style as a man is not difficult but it does involve getting to know yourself a bit. Once you have an idea of your body proportions in terms of whether you are well rounded, rectangular or inverted triangular shaped you will begin to identify your best fit for when you decide to shop for your next outfit.

Above all your style being your signature is an expression of your personality. It tells the true you usually born by your style characteristics, your lifestyle itself and youR grooming sense. It is essential for men as you think of moving to your next level to at some point seek the expertise of an image consultant to help boost your confidence and self – esteem.

Characteristic Traits of Styles for Men


  • You like stylish fast cars
  • You like the latest tech equipment
  • You are bold & sophisticated
  • Your level of confidence is high.
  • You are always in control
  • Your colour sense is strong
  • You love feeling energetic and excited
  • You are proud about your looks
  • You are always on point
  • You have a good idea of designer labels
  • You have a good sense of grooming


  • Your lifestyle is luxurious and comfortable
  • Staying fit and healthy is a must
  • You walk with grace and style
  • You are always on point
  • You are a sharp dresser
  • Your perfume fragrance is strong and lingers on
  • You like a mix of colours
  • Your shoes are a statement


  • Your lifestyle is structured
  • You are pretty neat and organized

Your look is usually business like

  • You command respect and look credible
  • At times you may appear boring, non-creative
  • You keep the same look
  • Your garments are current, structured and official
  • Your prominent colours are black, grey, blue or white.
  • Your clothing is usually well tailored


  • You are a sports lover
  • Your lifestyle is relaxed and comfortable
  • You can be considered boring
  • As a natural person you are free and famous
  • You are comfortable in casual wears like jeans and a T-shirt.
  • Your sense of fashion is quite poor and uninteresting
  • Grooming is really an assignment for you
  • You are very simple
  • You barb your hair regularly
  • Your clothing is usually loose fitted
  • Your look is more friendly and approachable


  • You are more freelance
  • You express yourself though music, painting or writing
  • You have your unique style big, bold and brave when it comes to expressing yourself.
  • You like to wear a multitude of colors;
  • You wear interesting accessories
  • Your grooming sense is carefree
  • You have a creative imagination same as style that is unique and unconventional.
  • You also have a dramatic way of doing things that expresses your feelings and thoughts.
  • Your color scheme can sometimes appear outrageous


  1. Identify your favorite colours that work for you
  2. Acknowledge your hobbies and favorite past time
  3. Discover your unique style
  4. Wear clothes that fit well and give you presence
  5. Follow a good grooming regime
  6. Strut your style with confidence.

Just like I mentioned for the ladies, have you been able to place yourself into one of these styles? You may fit easily into one or have a mix of more than one just to form the unique you. Whatever your style, it is not about your pocket or how expensive that outfit is. The way you ensemble your clothes says lot about you. It is important to note though that as you grow in life your tastes also change and so will your style. Your style can be adjustable and altered when needed. Let your style evolve as you evolve be the rock you want to be!

Good Luck!



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