ABUJA – The Director General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr Mike Omeri, yesterday, disagreed with the people linking the cause of the ongoing agitation for the republic of Biafra to the President Muhammadu Buhari, saying each section of the country is affected with the current economic reality in Nigeria.

Omeri, who stated this during a press conference on the threat of Secession, Herdsmen VS Farmers Clashes, Communal Clashes and Violence across Nigeria, in Abuja, however noted that the government is working assiduously to address the situation.

“The situation of economic and infrastructure backwardness, political neglect and the un-employement was not cause by President Muhammadu Buhari; every part of this country is affected in one way or the other by the many challenges which government is presently battling to bring solution to.

“Anyone who cares to check will find out that the North-West, where President Buhari hails from does not enjoy undue patronage in terms of federal government appointments in the present dispensation.

“As a critical part of the change development agenda of the current administration, Mr. President is working assiduously towards changing the perception of the ‘it is our turn to chop mentality’ and to refocus national attention and national resources on the greater good of all component of Nigeria,” he said.

He maintained that the quest for secession by some sections of the country was never a solution to the current national challenges confronting the country.

According to him, “our national challenges cannot and indeed will not be overcome with groups, regions resorting to violent guest for secession. History shows clearly that every part of this great nation needs the other parts.

“We are better-off as one indivisible entity, let us all begin again to build bridges of brotherhood, let us… every one of us across the length and breadth of Nigeria, make solemn commitment to fervently work towards creating strong bonds of brotherhood.”

Omeri challenged community leaders and the elites in the country “to make a point of visiting their villages regularly. Nature abhors vacuum, where the elite neglect to pay regular visits to their village in order to play the role of opinion molders and offer community leadership, hoodlum will take over and lead communities into violence and mayhem.”


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