October 26, 2015

I miss Don Jazzy, Wande Coal cries out

I miss Don Jazzy, Wande Coal cries out


Oluwatobi Wande Ojosipe a.k.a Wande Coal is one youngster who was instrumental in encouraging the likes of Davido and Wizkid to pursue their passion for music. The social media went agog earlier this month when he announced the release of his sophomore album. Fondly called Black diamond, the former Mohits/Mavin artiste opens up on why it took him six years to release another album, why he avoided the media, missing Don Jazzy and the joy of fatherhood.

wandeIt took you six years to release another album; What happened?

I was with Mohits and the company dissolved in 2011, then, I was left alone to choose where to go. Either to go with Dbanj or Don Jazzy. I just moved with Don  Jazzy  because we  had bonded, It’s not that I didn’t like Dbanj but I just had to move with Don Jazzy because he is a producer and I am a singer. I moved with Don Jazzy without no contract . It was based on love and I had no contract. At some point I wanted to be in charge of my own creativity and have my own personal growth .I have been working with Don Jazzy for a while and I wanted to give other people the opportunity to produce my music. It takes time. I left Don Jazzy in 2013 and we were already working on my second album, which was almost done. But at the end of the day with business, you disagree and agree. It just didn’t work out .That is why I had to start all over again .Songs like Rotate are no longer on the album. I had to start all over again creating new songs, getting a new producer that is why it took this long.

How was it for you transitioning from a known record label to becoming an independent artiste?

Nothing good comes easy; we have to keep working. A lot of people said my career has declined. All these things motivate me. I like good criticisms. I met Don Jazzy in 2006; they didn’t sign me until 2010. I have been working all that time, writing songs. It wasn’t too hard, but I just needed sometime to create my own sound. New producers are coming up and I decided to give them a chance. The song I did in Ghana with R2bees became a hit, but it wasn’t Don Jazzy that produced it. Don Jazzy doesn’t have a problem with that. People like Wizkid and Davido, I practically influenced them, telling them this is how to go about it. People must grow, table must turn, and people must change. I don’t want to be stereotyped with my sound. I don’t want people to feel that if I don’t have Don Jazzy, I cannot make it.


Why should everyone get this album?

I feel like the album covers all demographics. My last album covers songs for mamas, papas and young people. This album is just my own creativity and personal growth from over the years. I think it’s a must-get album. I spoke about different things. I spoke in my dialect, I spoke in pidgin, I spoke in English. I focused on different topics for each song in the album. It’s going to be a great album. I have been planning to work with 2face for a while now and everybody has been expecting Wande Coal and 2face to work together. I have always been putting out good music everybody knows me for that. Eight producers worked on this album and unfortunately Don Jazzy wasn’t one of them.

Why didn’t you work with any of your former label mates in the new album?

First of all, I will have to say that Dbanj, Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, D’Prince and Dr Sid are one big family. We are all brothers. I am sure that you have brothers at home that at some point you argue over things. We are still family because of the training and the hardwork we have been through and all the time we have shared together. I just felt like  I have worked with them a lot of times so it’s better to give other people chances. In the future we can do something by the grace of God.

Why are you avoiding the media?

I am not running away from the media, I just felt that at that time, I needed to create my own self again. This is me right now, Black Diamond. I had to give myself some time. Like I said earlier, we had already done the album and I had to start all over again. Every time I am called to grant interviews I would say : “What do you want me to say, If I get there now and I am asked where is your album”?  That is why I took my time to work on the album, got a good team, got everything structured and now I am here. I am not running away from the media anymore.

What inspired the title of the album Wanted?

Everywhere I go people ask me for the album in spite of the fact that I have released a couple of singles. Even my mum asked for the album. She wants to listen to songs that will motivate her and motivate her friends. So I just got the title Wanted just like that

Do you think your sophomore album will surpass Mushin to Mohits?

I will say all glory to God for getting me out there. It’s a case of two magical people coming out to create a magical sound. It’s not by one man, it’s by God. A lot of people expect a lot from me because of the standard of the previous album. I created the new album just like the old one, the difference is that my fans will get to see the better me. The debut album was all about the young Wande. My new album is focused on experiences I have gathered from that time of Mushin to Mohits, to this time

When last did you visit Mushin?

Mushin will always be my home. From 12 in the midnight I can just drive to Mushin. My grandma always opens the door. All I need do is just to call my friends that I am around. It’s something I do regularly. My grandma is from Mushin; my mum lives in Mushin. My maternal family is from Mushin. I grew up with my grandma. She practically paid my school fees. I owe it to her,without her, I won’t be able to associate with Mushin

Do you charge for collabos?

You have to be good. I don’t charge for collabos. Why I featured in My woman My everything is because it’s a good song.

A lot of people believe that though the song belongs to Patoraking, you have promoted it more?

I didn’t make the song my own, that is why I dropped Ashimapeyin. Ashimapeyin is my own song. Collabos help you get into new dimensions as an artiste

Many people would argue that you got the concept from KWAM 1…..

(Cuts in) That is our father. He is our legend. It’s allowed once in a while to go back in time and look into the future.

Do you miss Don Jazzy?

There are no two ways about it, I miss Don Jazzy. When we are in the studio we make ourselves laugh that is what people hardly know. Hopefully, we can work together sometime in the future. There is no beef

Are you open to having collabos with your former label mates?

I am open to having collabos with them. There is no ‘beef’ between us. It’s about having a common ground to make good music.

Are you ever envious of the likes of Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and Dija?

I said you have to give people chances. I have been in their shoes. I am not envious of them, I have been Korede Bello, Dija , Reekado Banks and I have grown past that. I have grown to a level where I need to create my own thing. I feel like they are with the best producer and we should learn from it.

A lot of artistes are resorting to skin bleaching, would you do that anytime soon?

I don’t want to bleach, trust me I like my colour like this

What is your opinion about nudity in music videos?

I don’t think you have to be nude to do a music video. I don’t think nudity should define a music video

What will you say about fatherhood?

Fatherhood has been good to me. My child is seven years old. It was part of the reasons why I had to be out of circulation. I had to take care of my child.

Do you still intend to get married?

By the grace of God

Are you considering getting married to your baby mama?

If God says so; I am leaving that in God’s hands. I am a single dad for now. I love my son, he is smart and brilliant. I am happy. It has taught me to be responsible basically.

How many tracks do you have in your new album?

I have 18 tracks.

Don’t you think that will make you sound monotonous?

I didn’t repeat any beat, sound or lyrics in all the 18 tracks. It won’t sound monotonous.

What do you wish you had done differently?

I wish I had done the things I know now. I did everything based on love back in the days which I think I shouldn’t have done . I didn’t separate business from friendship. Every little thing in life teaches you a lesson

What has music not done for you?

Music is everything to me. I won’t say it hasn’t done anything for me. I won’t be here without my music. The press won’t be here if I have no music. Music brought me out there.

How long did it take you to work on this album?

It took me two years. I had to start all over again.

What is your take on the beef between Wizkid and Davido?

I have been blessed by their music. The only person I can say we have been through a lot together will be Wizkid. Nobody can blame Wizkid for who he is. He has learnt and I think he is a great kid. I love him to death. He is my brother. We bonded .With Davido; I think he is a great artiste and doing his own thing