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Court dissolves 7-year-old marriage over threat to wife’s life

The Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Thursday dissolved a seven-year-old marriage between Romoke and Adeshina and her husband Moruf, for threat to life and gross irresponsibility.

The Court President, Mr Ademola Odunade, held that any misunderstanding in a family that involved threat to the life of a partner was not worth it.

Odunade held that Adeshina’s plea to settle the rift between him and his wife was belated as he ought to have put his home in order before now.

“In the interest of peaceful coexistence, the husband and wife relationship between both of you has ceased to be henceforth.

“The court, therefore, orders that no form of threat to life and property should arise anymore from Adeshina.

“The court shall consider any form of harassment of life or destruction of property as an act of criminality and shall not hesitate to bring you to book,” he held.

Romoke, who resides at Asaka-Elebu Area of Ibadan, had told the court that Adeshina had at various times in their relationship threatened to kill her.

She alleged that Adeshina threatened to take her life for requesting for money he owed her.

“In the course of our staying together as husband and wife, I used my trading store as collateral for him to obtain a N400,000 loan from the bank.

“Adeshina squandered the loan and threw me into financial problem.

“The bank came when he did not pay back the money and they wanted to take over my store, but I was forced to pay the loan on his behalf.

“When I requested for my money from him, he started sending assassins to kill me.

“In fact, I couldn’t sleep in the same room with him again because I could no longer bear looking at his face.

“When he saw that I still managed to come home to the house that I built myself, he attempted to completely demoralise me.

“Just few days ago, Adeshina filled my car tank with two buckets of water, thereby, causing me untold hardship as I couldn’t go to my daily business.

“When the problem escalated on that day, neighbours told him to swear by the holy Quran that he was not responsible for the problem in the car.

“As if that was not enough, unknown to me, he had deliberately damaged my car breaks and it took the special grace of God for me to escape a terrible accident that day,’’ she said.

Romoke said before she married Adeshina, he did not have anything to his name.

“Before I got married to him, he was nothing, I had two cars from which I gave him one and also made him the landlord of my house even though there was no child between us but he paid me with evil.

“Aside from the threat of killing me through assassins, he equally threatened to disfigure me by pouring acidic chemical on me in addition to hitting me with a car.

“For over two years he has been out of a job, I got him employed as a driver with a bank, he fought the management and was sent away,” Romoke explained.

In his response, Adeshina who did not deny any of the allegations, urged the court to settle the rift between him and his wife.

“She is truly my wife and I know that she has been of tremendous help to me. I am very, very sorry,” Adeshina begged.


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