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2 Anambra communities bicker over exclusion from proposed LGA

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

Nnewi—The Federal and Anambra State governments have been told to avert a break-down of law and order which could lead to bloodshed between the people of Akpu in Orumba South Local Government Area and Ajalli in Orumba North, all in the state.

Both communities have been involved in protracted crisis over land and exclusion from a proposed local government and inclusion in a wrong one.

They are also said to be warring over the recent uprooting of signposts bearing Akpu in Akpu town.

At present, tempers are again rising in the communities as the youths are spoiling for a show- down

Akpu people seemed to be licking their wounds and regretting that the benevolence of their fore-fathers to accommodate Ajalli people, who they still see as their brothers, had landed them in perpetual anguish.

Trouble started for both communities that were one in old Orumba Local Government, when Babangida’s government created new local governments in 1991 and Akpu, which claims to be landlord to Ajalli, was moved to Orumba South Local Government, whjile Ajalli was made the headquarters of Orumba North.

Addressing journalists in the palace of the late traditional ruler of Akpu, Igwe J.O. Nwafor, the traditional Prime Minister of the community (Onowu Akpu), Chief Obi -Young Nwankwo, and a former President General, Anambra State Association of Town Union, said they had been appealing to successive governments at the federal and state levels to reverse the injustice meted out on them through exclusion from Orumba North LGA.

“Ajalli people are immigrants who were admitted into Akpu land to settle by the benevolence of our fore fathers and were paying rent to Akpu town up till 1995,” Nwankwo said.

Nwankwo alleged that a recent discovery showed that Akpu town had surreptitiously been removed from the map of Anambra State just to spite his community and ensure that they went into extinction.

“Go and look at the map of Anambra State, Akpu cannot be seen among the 177 communities in Anambra State, but you will see Ajali there, they have removed our name from the map of Anambra and they don’t want to hear anything ‘Akpu,’” he said.



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