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PDP was Jonathan’s biggest problem – Jimi Disu

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By Juliet Ebirim
gain,   national commentator Jimi Disi was on Classic FM for his usual Front Page News, a review of newspaper headline news on Wednesday, the morning Mohammadu Buhari was declared winner of the March 28 elections. Below is what he said:

Everybody knows that Buhari is our new president-elect. Let’s do a quick review of how we got to where we are; Why did Jonathan lose generally? I think the major problem was that he didn’t seem to have a concrete plan and he couldn’t control his environment, both domestic and official. He didn’t have control over the security agencies, remember what happened with the Chibok girls and so on. All these things he could have taken care of. His government wasn’t well run. He was giving out appointments like candy in appreciation for loyalty and he was unduly loyal to his

Jimi Disu
Jimi Disu


Then his campaign strategy was wrong from beginning to the end, it made Buhari the issue. His biggest problem was the PDP, because they didn’t allow democracy to prevail in that party. Close your eyes and imagine if some of the people in APC today who defected from PDP were still in the PDP, we wouldn’t be talking about an APC victory today. They ran the primaries and refused to sell forms to others. This is a lesson to the PDP and other parties. You don’t impose candidates. People are not cattle, they can react.


He got quite a number of things wrong and to be fair and honest, I don’t really think that in reality he’s a presidential material, though he put in his best, but his best wasn’t just good enough. I don’t think he was prepared for governance and these are the things we need to watch out for in future.

Let’s not get carried away with this victory, because Buhari himself is going to have his own shortcomings and we are going to see how he’s going to handle them. A lot of people will be surprised that it’s not the Buhari of twenty something years ago that we have there now. So we are going to keep our eyes on the ball.

I like the way the president quickly conceded defeat, but what we don’t know is whether he was pushed to the wall by certain people, because about a day to the announcement he seemed to be surrounded by certain people.


One of the lessons Jonathan is going to learn is that if he had courted the Yorubas early in the day and hadn’t shoved them aside, not at the last minute when he started visiting the Obas,  maybe the outcome would have been different today, just maybe. But then, three million votes are a lot of votes.

It’s also a lesson to all politicians never to go on a hate campaign to win elections. What has all what Femi Fani-Kayode said come to now? People always sympathise with the underdog. People want peace in their lives. When you go attacking a man, people sympathise with him. I hope that lessons have been learnt. Next time you want to run a campaign, go get a professional public relations person to handle your media.


Well, we don’t know whether he was pushed to the wall or if he did it voluntarily, but it was still magnanimous of him and it just doused all the tension. I think President Jonathan has made his exit in a statesmanly manner and it’s a lesson for Nigeria.


The agent who refused to sign is Dr. Bello Fadile who should have been in his office in the NSS monitoring the Boko Haram crisis. That’s part of what we are saying – a man at the NSS office who should be more concerned with the Boko Haram issue was made a party agent.

This is part of the poor co-ordination I’m talking about. As soon as the president knew that he was going to concede victory, he would have put a call through so that the agent would sign in the name of peace, even if they were going to go to the election tribunal. Refusing to sign the result sheet   took the shine away from the president’s congratulatory move – the president congratulates on the one   hand and his agent refuses to sign on the other.

He disgraced the president by not signing because it means that he didn’t agree with him. I can’t congratulate and then a subordinate says he isn’t going to sign the document.

PDP vows to challenge Buhari’s victory at the Tribunal.

I’m going to give the PDP some free advice. What they need to do is, go back and re-strategise. There are very few people in this country who would want to hear that they are not going to have Buhari sworn in on May 29th, not after the president has conceded.

They should go back and get themselves organised for the next four years. Their party is in tatters, rather than waste their time going to the tribunal, they should go to their inner recess and sort themselves out. We need a formidable opposition to the APC. People should have it at the back of their minds that politicians generally are the same, so be on your guard.

On   Elder Orubebe’s apology after his show of shame

I’m glad that he regretted his actions because it was totally unbecoming. I thank God that Jega was cool. It was Jega’s soft words to him that seemed to calm him down. He told him you are a former minister, you need to know how to conduct yourself. He behaved like a thug, but because he has apologised, we are going to leave it at that.

Our politicians need to learn how to control themselves, he’s as bad as those who climbed the fence at the National Assembly the other day. Look at Fadile, a retired colonel, he doesn’t know the process of sending in petitions. When you want to send a petition to INEC, you send it to the office.

At his level as a senior officer in the NSS, is that how they  run   government? Is that how things are done? I’m calling on the APC for God’s sake, this is an opportunity for them to flush out the system.

Now that we have a new dawn, Buhari as an elder statesman also has to set a moral code of living and he will start with himself. I’m looking forward to a Buhari who will demystify a lot of things and all these power show. I’m looking forward to an active government.

Elder Orubebe has apologised and I think we should forgive him. What I don’t know is if he has written a formal letter of apology to Prof. Attahiru Jega because he insulted the man and called him all sorts of names.



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