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New year relections and resolutions

I used to write for Vanguard when I was a twentysomething youngster. In those days, my weekly column was known as “Londonline” and mostly focused on UK issues.

Then, having taken a LONG break from Vanguard while I was growing up, I returned to my beloved Uncle Sam Amuka’s team in 2007 as a middle-aged woman. And it was decided that my column should be renamed “Sweet And Sour”.

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Nigeria: Facilitating resilient and sustainable infrastructural development

NIGERIA is great not just because it is the seventh most populous country on the planet. It is an important nation not only on account of her oil wealth It is significant more because of the energy of her people, whose creativity and resilient spirit of enterprise continues to assure her progress even in the face of seemingly hopeless situations. It is due to the hard-work and industry of the ordinary Nigerians- the nation’s greatest asset, that Nigeria attained a GDP rebased at $510 billion in 2013 exceeding that of South Africa to become the biggest African economy even in the face of her parlous infrastructure.

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