Rising actress Samuda Angel Samuel, SAS, has boasted that she’s all out to conquer Nollywood. Her performance in over eight films such as Onuoma’s Tears, Bitter revenge, Omosida, Faded, Sekem Babes, among others yet to be released, speaks volume of her resolve to take the industry by storm.

samuda“I am gifted and talented,” the Akwa Ibom State born rising actress said, adding, “I am the second child of my dad and second to the last of my mum.” Angel Samuda is also a graduate of Modern Languages and International Studies, University of Calabar.

Her growing up was fun, she revealed. “Growing up was fun and challenging to me because I grew up with my dad, a very strict and no-nonsense man.

It got to a point that sometimes I got confused of not even remembering/knowing what or when to do, to avoid doing it wrongly. Having a flashback of my growing up, I always smile and thank my dad for the woman I have grown into. He groomed me in the right ways just like my mum should have done.”

She cut her teeth in Nollywood some couple of years ago. “It feels good, since it’s something I have always dreamed off, so to me it’s an achievement and dreams-come-true. I actually started acting proper about five years ago but decided to go professional, if you will call it that, this year. And the reception has been good.

As you can see, I am beautiful and I have a good voice that directors like, so the jobs keep coming. I am billed to act a lead (for the first time) in a movie that is going to be shot this Xmas period, so no holiday for me.”

And how far is she willing to go in Nollywood? “I want to get to the peak of my dream, become a star and entertaining my fans and viewers like I have always dreamed off.”


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