October 12, 2014

I will soon resign my appointment as minister, says Maku

I will soon resign my appointment as minister, says Maku

File: Labaran Maku

Akwanga (Nassarawa State) – The minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, said on Sunday that he would soon quit his position as minister to pursue a selfless aspiration as the governor of Nassarawa state.

Maku said this in Akwanga, Nasarawa State, during a thanksgiving Mass held in his honour at St Patrick’s Catholic Church.

“By 20th of this month, everyone in cabinet or in government who wants to contest election will resign because the time has come for us to pull out.

“I have always made my interest known. By next week by the Grace of God I will sacrifice the comfort of the office of the minister. I am not tired of my office but I have to make this sacrifice.

“I will sacrifice my high office in order to come back to the wilderness with my people, the people of Nassarawa State to fight for peace and justice.

“There is too much blood being shed here. There is too much evil taking place here. There is too much destruction going on in this state.

“The time has come for us to ask God to bring this era to an end.

“I will step out, voluntarily and go into the wilderness. God will do it like he did for Moses in the Bible, cut the Red Sea and give us manna from heaven.

“Being governor will not really add anything to my name I think I have made all the name I need in Nigeria.

“This sacrifice is because of the difficulties we are facing today, that is why I am making this decision,” he said.

He appealed to politicians not do engage in actions that would instigate violence.

“I appeal to all of us here especially, we politicians, if you are for God, be for God all the way. Some people go to the throne of satan to seek power and that is why this country is suffering.

“Most people belong to secret cults. Most people come to church and go to somewhere else; some sacrifice human life because they want public office.

“If the spiritual atmosphere is polluted you cannot rule your nation. I have tasted the goodness of God; what He can do for you, no babalawo (voodoo doctor) can do it; no cult can do it,” he said.

In a remark, the Majority Leader, Nassarawa State House of Assembly, Mr Godiya Akwashie, commended Maku for a good job done so far as the minister of information.

Earlier in his sermon, Rev. Fr. Joseph Ngbor urged politicians and the rich to be sensitive to the sufferings of the poor.

He said that the time was rife for Nigeria to fight tirelessly to end corruption and poverty.