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Habits to be discouraged

Samuel Awosolu

Habits tend to be developed; these habits are often difficult to shake off, whilst a considerable number of these habits are relatively harmless from the health and indeed oral health point of view, however some if continued over a period of time may become harmful and could easily be initially avoided.

oral2Human teeth though relatively strong and having similar physical and chemical properties with the bone in the body is not designed to be used for fashion. Iced cube crushing and eating is common amongst children.

This can result in the tooth getting fractured and excruciating pain needing either an extraction of the tooth or extensive restorative work on the tooth.

The use of studs rings and other ornaments to pierce the lips, tongue, cheek and other parts of the oral cavity was fashionable for many years past in most of Europe and the North Americas.

The practice was commonest in the members of the hip-hop music , entertainment industry, sports personalities and others in the public glare often practised this habit which is to be highly discouraged.

Like every copied fad, it has arrived in Nigeria and similarly copied by the music and movie industries, wannabe celebrities etc.

From a personal perspective it is a highly offensive habit as I often ask proponents to mention one responsible person who has piercing and sags their trousers or dresses indecently and they have always come short of words, some professionals typically frown at these kind of habits.

I will point to the health hazards oral health-wise. There is the danger of infection and risk of blood borne diseases, with infected needles, it is possible to contract HIV, hepatitis and several infections.

It is pertinent for tattoo parlours to imbibe the principle of infection control, this is because people will have tattoos and piercing anyway but the essence of the article is so they make an informed choice.

Smoking caries a warning on the label of the hazards of smoking, people will still smoke anyway but they cannot claim ignorance should they develop any problems as a result of smoking.

The infections could be fatal or life threatening. There is the added risk of bleeding when the blood vessels are damaged; the tattooist or the piercing parlour is not equipped to deal with bleeding or haemorrhage.

Physical injuries may result as these studs , rings and other accessories could act as missiles and further traumatise the oral structures causing pain etc. It definitely is not clever way to advertise or attract attention.



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