Conoil is set to launch 5-litre packs of its lubricant brands of Quatro and Golden Super motor oil, as part of its strategy to live up to its promise of delivering convenience at every stop and enriching its lubricant range.

The new lubricant packs would be pocket-friendly to motorists and are tailored to suit the engine oil needs of vehicles with bigger engine capacity thereby reducing, substantially, the cost borne by motorists anytime they service their cars.

Like most lubricant brands in Nigeria, Conoil’s lubricants currently come in one litre and 4-litre packs. But with this new initiative, car owners can buy just one pack of lubricant instead of two to service their cars and this would invariably save them money.

The major petroleum products marketer said in a statement that it decided to introduce the 5-litre packs to live up to its bill of being a convenience retailer, always on the look-out for ways to make life more comfortable for its customers and keep them satisfied. “With the current
automobiles that come with bigger engines, this will definitely reduce the cost of maintenance on motorists.”

The statement added, “the economic situation in the country is tough on most Nigerians so we strive to bring into the market, pocket-friendly products, without compromising quality that most Nigerians can afford.”

The company’s lubricant brands, Quatro and Golden Super oil are formulated to meet world set standards for automobile and industrial machines’ engines.

The Quatro brand, contains special additives that ensure minimal fuel consumption, retain oil thickness and protect car engine from rust. Its detergent and dispersant properties clean car engines, keep it sludge-free thereby enabling it to run at its best.

On the other hand, Conoil’s other brand of lubricant, Golden Super, offers adequate engine protection for older petrol-fuelled cars. Its performance features include comprehensive additive package, good detergency, good oxidation stability and good anti-wear properties.

As one of the most innovative service focused oil marketing companies, Conoil was the first in the country to introduce mega retail outlets, which have totally redefined the entire concept of service stations in the industry.

Last year, it launched a unique initiative of wrapping its brands of engine oils in cellophane sheens to preserve the quality of its lubricants, in line with the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON’s campaign to rid the country of adulterated products.

The company has committed substantial investments to upgrade and expand its lubricant blending plants at its depots at Apapa, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Kano, with a view to meeting and surpassing customers’ needs


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