By Ayo Onikoyi

Light spotless skin, pretty face, poise and a gait that leaves men gaping in its wake are those assets that set Uche Benjamin apart from many others. The graduate of Biochemistry who found herself in acting because of her passsion for the trade has had enough of men, paid her dues and thus, has come out on top stronger in the spirit and mind.

The Owerri, Imo State girl said she learned to deal with men by being independent. “ I love to work because I love money. I work hard so I can enjoy. I don’t like being taken for granted. Maybe I have suffered a few harassment from men but never heartbreaks. I am very wise, so my heart is not broken. The kind of person I am, I am never hurt. I choose carefully and I am smart  to know who to follow or not. Most ladies are harassed generally in this part of the world, it takes a lady that knows her onions to handle it well” she said rather cockily.

“A woman must make herself to be independent of a man, that’s why I love to work for my money. But that does not mean I can settle with a poor man. Never! A man must be hardworking and rich to be my man. I don’t have any business with a poor man. Yes, I believe in love but that does not mean I am blind. I love love and I love money.

Don’t get me wrong when I say I don’t get hurt. If a relationship doesn’t work, I leave, it doesn’t mean I am heartbroken, leaving peacefully and remaining friends with the person doesn’t mean one is hurt” she explained.


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