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Words can’t bring me down – Daniella Okeke

By Ayo Onikoyi

daniella-okekeLagos Cougars girl, Daniella Okeke isn’t one known for throwing stones. She hardly gets herself in any messy situation and this may be the reason why some have been wondering what the  curvaceous, provocative actress had up her sleeve when she posted ‘Words can’t bring me down’ on her Facebook handle during the week.

Daniella doesn’t appear to have any score to settle with anyone, at least, if one doesn’t consider much noise that has been made over whether she has had surgery done on her butt which many consider wasn’t so big some couple of years back.

Truly, some pictures of her now and then, cast so much doubts but if the actress words are anything to go by, then, we should stick to her story that natural phenomenon has come handy in seeing her butt the way it has come to grow so big. Now, don’t forget ‘Words can’t bring her down’



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