In a class one day, a teacher presented a rose to his students. The teacher then asked how it looked and they all replied; “it’s beautiful.” Then he asked them, “How does it smell?” They became dumb for moments and couldn’t say anything. What do you think happened? Words became their greatest foe. They perceived the fragrance but couldn’t explain how the rose smelt. That teacher was Lao Tzu. This is exactly the same thing with love. It can be felt but difficult to explain.

A lot of people shy away from talking about love for many reasons. The first may be that they are ignorant of the meaning. The second reason may be that they see it as a subject for teenagers. The third reason may be as a result of the repeated heartbreaks and rejection that they have experienced or seen others pass through. Lastly, the essence of love seems very difficult to unravel or fathom.  But is it not because a lot of people hardly know about what love means that they are cajoled as pantaloons by clowns in the name of love? No matter your age, it is never too late to understand love. But the earlier you learn about love, the better for you. You must master the art and act of love to enjoy all the mystical graces that love imbues in the kernel of life.

The Greeks divided love into three categories: Eros (romantic love), Philia (fondness for something), and Agape (unconditional love). The predominant thought about love in our contemporary society mooches so much around romance. But that is not the only type of love. This is the reason why love has been misconstrued to mean … Love is far deeper than all that is sensual. This phrase has led to a wide misunderstanding especially among young people. We will come back to the origin of love later.

At the fore of this madness is the misleading exuberance of musicians through songs, and even videos that tend to portray love as just sensual. Whereas love can be expressed in songs, most (not all, lest I be accused of over generalization) of what they represent is an adulteration of love. Little wonder the world is the way it is.

They are the ones that people always listen to. Unfortunately, they know little or nothing about love. This is evident in their most of their relationships, romantic or not. How tragic it is that they are the ones teaching the world about “love.”

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