January 13, 2014

GNI pays out claim to fire victim


Insurance Plc has paid out the sum of N1.6 million to Mr. Victor Okosieme in settlement of his claim on the fire insurance policy he had with the company.

Okosieme was one of the fire victims and tenants at Great Nigeria House, Lagos who lost all his property in the inferno that engulfed part of the GNI House late last year.

Okosieme, whose property was destroyed by the fire, bought one of GNI’s eBusiness products; Fireproof and paid a token N4,000 premium. He became a cynosure to his friends who were at the cheque presentation ceremony.

It will be recalled that GNI had two years ago introduced some insurance products into the market and also sold on its eBusiness platform, one of which is Fireproof to cover against possible loss of property through fire; Great Savers Delight, which is a savings investment scheme; Motorflex is an improved version of third party motor insurance policy; and GNI Personal Accident Insurance product is for injuries sustained in accidents.

At the presentation ceremony in Lagos, Okosieme in the company of his wife expressed appreciation for the promptness at which GNI paid his claim. “I am so happy that GNI paid me on time and I can now look forward to starting my life again, all what I thought I have lost, I can now buy back with this money,” he said.

Head of Brand Management of GNI, Mr. Tunde Lawanson, who presented the payment cheque at the ceremony, said that GNI is committed to fulfilling its obligations to its customers.

“Furthermore our presence here today is a demonstration of this commitment and this delighted customer did not need to have stressed himself further after his loss before the payment of his claim was processed and eventually made by us,” he said.

Vice Chairman of Traders Association, Mr. Julius Uzowum, commended GNI for the prompt action and encouraged Nigerians to embrace insurance adding, “With the level of integrity shown, this will encourage us to take insurance henceforth.”

Head, Direct Marketing of GNI, Mrs. Bose Ibesanmi advised Nigerians to embrace insurance, stating “Having insurance will help to restore the loss suffered if it eventually occurs.”