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Diaspora group throws weight behind state of emergency

The Igbo  community in Diaspora under the umbrella of Igbo World Assembly (IWA), has thrown their weight behind declaration of state of emergency in Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa by the Federal Government.

Igbo World Assembly (IWA) is the Global Umbrella Organization that represents the Apex National Igbo Organizations (outside Nigeria) in the various countries of the world such as USA, UK, France, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, South Africa, Mali, Ghana, Russia, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden and Canada. The Igbo World Assembly (IWA) works very closely with and recognizes Ohanaeze Ndiigbo as the mouthpiece of Ndiigbo globally.

Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, Chairman, IWA and Chief Oliver Nwankwor, Secretary General of the Igbo body, said in a statement that the position of IWA may be unpopular with those groups and individuals who would want the state of insecurity in the land to continue unabated for political gains.

“ IWA hereby declares her solidarity and support with Mr President on the declaration of State of Emergency in three Northern states of Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe.

“We encourage all peace loving Nigerians to put ethnicity, tribalism and parochial political interest aside and support the President to exterminate and put this senseless season of Boko Haram behind us all.

“Nigeria has moving backward for so long and must move forward and join other nations of the world in search of progress, peace and prosperity that other countries collectively seek for their citizens.

“We acknowledged the difficulty we have to face in making this declaration the same way IWA had struggled with the granting of amnesty to terror groups whose major targets and victims have been Businesses, Southerners, Christians and mostly Igbo people.

“We acknowledge that these are tough times not only for the President whose conscious and ceaseless efforts to improve the life and condition of those living of Nigerians is purposely being undermine by these faceless terror groups and their sponsors of evil;

“Given that over 2800 lives, and properties and businesses worth several billions of naira have being lost and destroyed since this senseless killings and carnage began.

“Given that the faceless groups have rebuffed the magnanimity of the President and rejected an unconditional amnesty granted to them and have continued their senseless killings with renewed strength and vigour;

“Knowing that the greatest victims of past and on-going crisis in Nigeria from historical records have always been Ndiigbo, Southerners, and Christians involving their lives, businesses and properties anywhere in Nigeria.

“With the understanding that we cannot continue to hope that those who have rejected undeserved amnesty should be left unchecked to continue with threat to lives of Nigerians and the corporate existence of our sovereign nation” the group said in the statement.

Dr. Anakwenze in the statement further noted that IWA believes that the security (Emergency rule) step the President has taken is in good direction and for the best interest for the Corporate Nigeria.

“IWA) abhors the blatant nature the so called Northern Elders turn a blind eye to the unprecedented violence and blood-letting, which has left in its wake massive destruction of lives and property in most part of Northern Nigeria, especially in , Yobe, and Borno States, as well as Kano and other towns” he said.

According to the group President, , any person condemning this positive emergency rule decision by the President Dr Goodluck Jonathan, is an enemy of the corporate existence of Nigeria and is politically motivated, adding that Nigeria cannot be put under siege by anybody, group or whatever form.

“The Igbo World Assembly (IWA), appeal to the good and positive minded Northern Elders to rally round the President and ensure that peace and civil rule return to the affected Northern States of Nigeria and the rest of the North” he added.


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