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Golgotha; Design Or Treachery?

By Oluwafemi  Ibiayo
Yet again, the nation and indeed Humanity approaches the solemn season of Easter. Thus, again Humanity is afforded another opportunity to resolve the irrevocable question of Golgotha; What indeed truly, occasioned Golgotha? Was it Divine Design or was it a culmination of a series of calculated actions consciously orchestrated to achieve the desired result; Elimination/Assassination of a troublesome bringer of Truth?

It is amazing that for approximately two thousand years hence, at each Easter Festival, the gaze and introspective focus of Mankind appears blurred or diverted from the reality of Golgotha, and as if by mass hypnotism, the majority of Mankind saunters blindfolded through the period of this most crucial of earthly seasons which provides the individual the possibility  of true inner awakening and recognition of the TRUTH-despite the compelling body of irrefutable historical factual evidence indictingly steering man virtually in the face with each passing year, decade and century!

It cannot be disputed that, the life and mission of redemption of the Son of God Jesus, the Christ on earth, continues to be of grave and fundamental importance to humanity’s spiritual evolution and salvation. Indeed, in the annals of humanity’s spiritual development and history, the significance of Christ’s life on earth and the necessity for his mission of redemption, [if mankind could perceive the enormity and ramifications of the grace] should indeed be the central focus of every man’s quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Indeed, it could be said that the necessity to become CLEAR as to the real purpose and significance of the life and mission of the Son of God –Jesus is in reality a “sifting prerequisite” to any possibility of attaining spiritual salvation.

Unfortunately today, owing to mankind’s ever declining spirituality and continued attachment to all that is material and to his consequent inability to perceive using the faculty of his spirit, a great WALL of distraction of Man’s spiritual attention and gaze to the Great Work of Redemption of the Son of God, has taken hold on Earth, and this in turn has diverted multitudes of men from the right appreciation of the true essence and mission of the Saviour, and from that which necessitated His coming from the Divine Sphere to this Earth.

This holds grave consequences for Man, and unless each person personally resolves for himself the “Golgotha Question” and with it the great query as to what really constitutes the work of redemption of the Son of God-Jesus, he stands the risk of being held back from the true road to redemption. Such persons also thereby will miss the last opportunity offered them in the present time to free themselves and ascend to the kingdom of God in the spiritual realm of God’s creation.

But what is responsible for this state of affairs on earth today? The answer lies in the widespread erroneous opinions and wrong interpretations linked to the purpose and significance of the life and mission of the Son of God on earth and which is further sustained by widespread ignorance and spiritual indolence of the greater part of humanity and by the rigidity of the dogma of organised religion over the ages. The consequence is that on earth today, there is the widespread erroneous view of the doctrine of atonement: which doctrine postulates that; In the violent death of Christ, in the demeaning form and manner of execution utilized by the Romans at that time, lay the necessary propitiatory sacrifice which reconciled and redeemed the whole of mankind back to God by the cleansing of their sins. This view is canonically reflected in the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England as follows; “Christ was crucified to reconcile his Father to us. To be a sacrifice for the sins of men”: (Article 2). It is also stated in the Confession of Faith that Christ’s death “purchased reconciliation” (Chap. viii) A Christian Website- aptly further surmises this widespread misconception as follows;

“In order to redeem fallen man for his purpose, God came in the Son through incarnation to be the Lamb of God offering Himself to the father as our substitute; Christ died on the cross and shed his blood to take away the sin of the world. Christ was foreordained, prepared before the foundation of the world by God to be the redeeming Lamb. This means that the death of Christ was not an afterthought, but rather an integral component of God’s original design”

Indeed it seems this misconception dates far back into human religious history, and strangely enough has indeed been modified from its originally absurd theological basis to the even more confusing refinement of the doctrine as we have it today.. We find for example, that the early Christian Fathers/priests taught erroneously that the death of Christ was a satisfaction to the Devil. The Rev. Scott Porter, in his “History of the Doctrine of Atonement” says: “The doctrine of satisfaction, when it was plainly broached, which was not till two hundred years after the death of Christ, did not represent his blood as satisfying the claims of divine justice, but as a payment made to the devil”  In corroboration, this indeed accords with the doctrine recorded to have been advocated by the celebrated Origen who wrote: “It was the Devil who held us in bondage: for to him we had been given over for our sins. Wherefore, he demanded the blood of Christ as the price of our redemption”. Other early recorded Christian writers such St. Ambrose wrote: “we were in pledge to a bad creditor for sin; but Christ came and offered his blood for us” Again Optatus is recorded as haven written; “The souls of men were in the possession of the Devil till they were ransomed by the blood of Christ” Further, according to St. Augustine; “The blood of Christ is given as a price that we might be delivered from the Devil’s bond” He regards the death of Christ, “not as a payment of a debt due to God, but as an act of justice to the Devil in discharge of his fair and lawful claims” .

Thus historically, we can deduce that the original basis of the doctrine of atonement did not underscore the notion of an ‘Original Grand-Design’ by the Godhead to have a part of itself (Jesus) slaughtered in effacement of the sins of mankind. In fact, the aforesaid notions simply underscored instead, a glorification of the Devil to an all important sub-power to God, and with whom the Godhead, in order to ransom/save mankind from his (the Devil’s) grip had condescendingly, to negotiate with by offering a part of himself as blood ransome for humanity’s release.

But we must pose the question; Are all these theories which have hitherto prevailed for thousands of years right and true?  

Having become convinced of the emancipating and redeeming knowledge of the Living Word of the Grail Message by Abdrushin, I hold the view that that this generally held doctrine of atonement is FALSE, illogical, supremely unjust and clearly inconsistent with the immutable Laws of God’s Creation and His Adamantine Justice.
Any person who dispassionately reviews the Work-“In the Light of Truth the Grail Message” by Oscar Ernst Bernhardt who wrote under the pen-name-Abdrushin, would come to the same convicted conclusion.  Abdrushin declares;

“Surely any person who is inwardly alive would find it very difficult to accept that, of all things, a crime and murder committed on the Messenger Who issued from the Divine should bring about the reconciliation of this Godhead with mankind!

God allowed His Son to come from all Glory on to this gloomy earth, among men who had turned away from Him, in order to show them the way upwards to His Luminous Kingdom through the explanations in His  Word, which may also be called Message or Teaching. That this mankind, for whom the Message of God was intended, then rejected  the Messenger, persecuted Him with hatred and finally even tortured and murdered Him, was a consequence of their sin or their wrong-doing in having raised the earthly intellect to be their actual ruler in place of God. But instead of later acknowledging this new guilt to be the fruit of the great Fall of Man, they ultimately even exalted this murder and rejection of God’s Messenger to an all-glorifying Festival of Reconciliation between the thus criminal mankind and the Godhead Whom they had outraged through this murder. Really, going rather far. How does this strange mankind picture their Godhead, that they imagine they can treat Him in such a way with impunity?  Q& A 15 at pg. 34

These words of Abdrushin cannot be refuted. Indeed, as indicated earlier, and as would be demonstrated hereby, all historical facts corroborate and confirm Abdrushin’s position, once the individual simply subjects himself to a process of private, inward, inflexible reflection. I am convinced beyond doubt that upon close review of the biblical evidence indicated in the synoptic gospels, the following MUST become clear;

i. The death of on the cross of the Saviour was categorically NOT a necessary sacrifice but a murder, a dastardly crime! Christ’s violent death on the cross at Golgotha, was not in itself the redemption, nor did it bring redemption. It atoned for none of mankind’s guilt; liberated them from nothing, thus every other explanation is a misinterpretation which either has its origin in ignorance or is meant as an excuse. Christ certainly did not come to this earth with the intention of committing Divine Suicide; Christ was indeed crucified, or better said, assassinated, because of his teaching, as a troublesome Bringer of Truth.

ii. It is NOT Jesus’ death on the cross that could and should bring redemption, but the Truth He gave to mankind in His Word! The Truth however was irksome and threatening to the religious leaders and heads of the temples of that time. It was an annoyance because it severely undermined their influence. This was hardly surprising and to be expected, because, the liberating effect of the Living Word of Christ naturally also upset the prevailing practices and explanations of the priestcraft at that time and thus liberated and redeemed the people from the debasing rigidity and emptiness of the prevailing religious practices and thought. This naturally caused great vexation amongst the ranks of the preistcraft who soon realised how effectively Christ’s teachings would interfere with their false leadership and influence over the people.

iii. Christ’s Mission  fundamentally centred on the bringing of Truth into the maze of dogmatic rigidity and emptiness, which debase the human spirit, and to explain the relations between God, the Creation and mankind as they actually are! And through this knowledge, mankind was given the possibility to see their way upwards to the kingdom of God. In other words, that Redemption for mankind lies solely in the bringing of this Truth and the consequent liberation from errors!

iv. The Last Supper before Christ’s death was a farewell meal, and thus when he said: “Take, eat, this is my body!” and; “Drink ye all of it, this is my blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins”, He declared thereby that he was willing even to embrace death on the cross if only as an opportunity  of bringing the Truth to erring mankind through His teaching, which alone shows the way to the forgiveness of sins!  Even though Jesus had premonitions about the inevitable consequence of his continued prosecution of his Mission of Spiritual Enlightenment, he was nevertheless willing to embrace same as clear proof to Mankind of the genuineness of his Mission and the confirmation of his real identity as proclaimed by Him.  

v. Thus, the destruction of His body and the shedding of His blood through death on the cross are meant to help mankind recognise the necessity for the seriousness of the explanations he gave as the blueprint of the path of salvation. The repeated taking of Holy Communion therefore should serve to re-emphasize this reality/fact to us in our daily lives.  That the Son of God did not shrink from such enmity on the part of mankind and which inevitably led to his death, confirms Christ’s eternal and enduring effort to literally STAND BY, AND FOR THE TRUTHFULNESS OF HIS WORDS AND MISSION OF REDEMPTION, thus etching for human history and for posterity, his real identity and the gravity of his urgent mission of redemption for mankind.

vi. The Son of God Christ Jesus was the Word of God which had become flesh! And that he was thus right to say that “He who absorbs My Word eats of My Body and My Blood” Thus he who absorbed in a living way His Word, on account of which he was condemned as a blasphemer, thereby figuratively washed himself with his blood. For the Word made it possible for him to walk on the right path, which alone was capable of washing him clean, and which through the violent death of the bringer of the Word is marked with His blood. This however, signifies no reconciliation of God with Humanity, and alters nothing of the crime of crucifixion.

To corroborate the above statements, I urge the reader to personally review the body of factual evidence reported in the Bible. Even without reference to the Grail Message,  the sequence of events leading to the crucifixion and thus assassination of Christ would become manifest;

Biblical References evincing Sequence of Events Leading to the Murder/Assassination of Jesus-The Son Of God;
a. Evidence of Threat of Christ Mission to Earthly Power/Influence of Priestcraft;
Mark 2; 6-12: First disputations by Scribes who questioned Christ’s right to forgive sins. Mark 2; 15-17: Disputations by Scribes and Pharisees as to integrity of Jesus in associating with publicans and Sinners. Mark 2; 18-20: Disputations/Accusations of Non-Fasting of Christ’s Disciples. Mark 2; 23-28: Disputations/Accusations of Christ’s disciples eating/harvesting on Sabbath. Mark 3; 2-6: 

Disputations/Accusations of Christ doing good or helping out on a Sabbath day. Mark 3; 22-24: False accusation of unclean spirit in Christ. Mark 7; 1- 15: Disputations/Accusations of Christ’s disciples eating with unwashed hands(defiled hands). Mark 8; 10-13: Questioning and Confrontation of Christ as to proof of his spiritual identity by provision of signs from heaven. Mark 8: 31; 9; 31-32; 10; 33-34: Christ’s premonitions of his imminent persecution at the hands of the Priestcraft and by extension, humanity. Mark 10; 2-12: Pharisee’s attempt to implicate Christ on the Mosiac law on separation and bigamy.

b. Evidence of Orchestration of Treachery Against Christ;
Mark 11; 18; Matthew 26; 1-5: Priestcraft’s hatched plot to destroy/assassinate Christ after the Temple cleansing exercise. Mark 11; 27-28: Priestcraft’s first direct open challenge and demand for the authority by which Christ spoke and did acts; battle line drawn. Mark 12; 1-11: Christ’s warning/admonition to Mankind and Preistcraft of the consequences of his persecution by Man through the illustration of parable of the Wicked Husbandmen. Mark 12; 12: Attempted Physical attack on the person of Christ after rendering of parable of Wicked Husbandmen. Mark 12; 13-17: Attempt to elicit from Christ by deceitful means, statement bothering on treasonable felony as regards taxation issues. Mark 12; 18-27: Attempt to discredit Christ based on technical questions on Mosaic law of Family Succession/Administration of Estates. Mark 14; 1-2:

 Commencement of implementation of plot of treachery to assassinate Christ. Mark 14; 10-11: Conspiracy of Judas and the Preistcraft to betray Christ for being an Irksome Truth Bringer. Mark 14; 18 & 21: Christ’s prophesy at the Last supper of his imminent betrayal to the preistcraft by one of his disciple and his warnings/admonitions of the spiritual consequences of such act of betrayal. Mark 14; 32-35: Christ’s expressed heaviness of spirit and sorrowfulness as result of his sensing of his imminent persecution and death at the hands of Mankind. Mark 14; 41-42: At Gethsemane, Christ’s confirmatory declaration of the commencement of the hour of his betrayal unto the hands of sinful mankind. Mark 14; 53-59; Matthew 26; 59-60: Biblical confirmation of the Scam Trial of Christ before Preistcraft; of irreconcilable evidence and uncorroborated testimonies of false accusations against Christ. Mark 14; 60-65; Matthew 26; 63-68: Imposition of False Verdict of guilty on Christ on basis of Blasphemy. Mark 15; 1; Matthew 27; 1-2: Perfection of plot of Treachery; Christ delivered to Pilate on Thumped-up political charges. Matthew 27; 3-5: Judas’s confessional realization of the wrong/evil of his betrayal and the return of “Blood Money” to the Priestcraft; His committal of suicide. Matthew 27; 6-8: Prestcraft’s refusal to collect “Blood Money” and return same to treasury; their stealthy burial of same. Matthew 27; 11; Mark 15; 2; Luke 23; 2-3: Nature of False Political Charge against Christ: Luke 23; 4-14: Pilates attempt to raise issue of Jurisdiction in attempt to exonerate Christ and escape condemning Christ as a result of his innocence. Matthew 27; 17-18; Mark 15; 9-14: 

Attempt by Pilate to appease mob by releasing Barabbas because of Christ innocence. Matthew 27; 19-20: Pilate’s Wife spiritual Vision of Alerting of the Treachery of the Preistcraft and Cautioning of Pilate not to have anything to do with the culpable homicide of Christ. Matthew 27; 23-25: Pilate’s symbolic washing of hands as indication of his personal exoneration in the homicide of Christ; Also his personal declaration of his innocence of Christ’s blood/murder. Luke 23; 34: Christ personal prayer of intercession for mankind in connection with his orchestrated Murder/Assassination. Matthew 27; 45; Mark 15; 33: Ominous Phenomenon of Darkness during crucifixion of Christ. Luke 23; 44-45; Matthew 27; 50-51; Mark 15; 38: Signs of Pending Doom and disapproval of God to Murder of Christ; Temple Veil being rent apart; earthquakes upon the death of Christ. Matthew 27; 54; Mark 15; 39; Luke 23; 47-48: Confirmatory statements of the Centurion at Golgotha as to the innocence and actual identity of Christ

But in the light of the sequence of events and historical facts highlighted above, it must be considered amazing how, for over 2000 years hence and despite mankind’s present technological development, the majority of mankind have continued to hold on to the False Belief of a propitiatory sacrifice at Golgotha, whilst also seeing in this dastardly event, a grand design by God. If truly BLASPHEMY can be appropriately defined; surely the notion of a propitiatory suicide at Golgotha underscores it.

It is even more exasperating, that many persons of faith daily and hourly continue to read the historical accounts of the life and mission of the Son of God in the Bible, and yet as if by some mass hypnosis, fail to decipher therein the glaring and patently obvious facts and sequence of events culminating in the perfection of the script of treachery of Christ’s Murder. What recalcitrant effrontery Mankind displays every year at Easter in stubbornly and thoughtlessly celebrating the death of Christ, and without any genuine soberness at the guilt incurred or the enormous painful sacrifice of agony the Saviour had to take on in order to put a final seal of confirmation of TRUTH on His Words and Teachings. But instead, in baseless defiance, Mankind insists at continually upholding FALSEHOOD.

One only needs to consider human history since the Murder of Christ over 2000 years ago and the continued admonishing but often overlooked appearances of physically stigmatised  persons repeatedly re-incarnated all over the globe as “branded ones” for the question to arise within oneself; Does all these signs and events give an indication of a reconciled humanity, a saved humanity and a humanity knowledgeable about its purpose?
You be the Judge!
Oluwafemi Ayodele Ibiayo, an adherent of the Grail Message and a legal practitioner wrote from Lagos.


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