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Talent is not enough, Work hard at it – Djinee

By Victor Gotevbe

Music is undoubtedly pleasant  to the soul especially if it is good. That’s to say there is bad music and there is good music. You can even tell the difference when you hear a good music or a bad music. Nowadays, many young people are daily keying into the music career industry whether they have a voice to sing or not so long as the industry remains lucrative.

Nosa (Djinee),   co-owner of Kreazivity music is endowed with a unique and captivating voice. In this interview, the ‘proudly Bini’ Djinee  shares his inspiration for music and tells us about his pre-album of 5 collections which is long expected by his numerous fans.

What was the most memorable childhood experience that comes to your mind?


I’ve had many memorable moments from traveling with my family to Benin for Christmas to being the centre of attention in primary school whenever  I sang to my school mates. Growing up, there was so much promise to live; I played, I laughed, I lived and I made mistakes. It was all part of the joy of growing up and it was great.

What would you say inspire your music career?

I started music at home by  partaking in the early morning ritual of listening to some songs like Fleetwood Mac, Smoke Robinson, Abba, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Rogers , Don Williams etc. Listening to music my father played from turntable, reel to reel got me interested. I was introduced to music quite early. You had to love music growing up in my home- it was like the support system that made it all beautiful.

How would you say your music is impacting society?

I hope it is, because I see many youths turning to music/entertainment rather than crime. In a society with high unemployment rate, the success of some of us have impacted on the youth by giving them the belief that it can be done. And really, it can! There’s hope- music  gives the young hope.

Your pre-album is out, what motivated that move?

I had my loyal fans in mind when I made the decision. They’ve been yearning for my sound for so long, so  why starve them with only a hit single when I can give them 5 songs at once. Ultimately, the album will come out sometime next year and there’ll be songs that will keep them dancing and others that will inspire them, hopefully. I am working towards making it a thorough job.

What advice do you have for young people  in their calling?

Pray. Have a passion for what you want to be in life.Read, it adds depth.

Know more about whatever your calling is. Raw talent isn’t enough, be happy doing it.

Young Nigerians making the difference


Patrick is a rapper, singer and songwriter based in Lagos. He is currently signed with Soundz & Meknitz records and has four singles under his belt, namely: Despicable me, why like this , Baby come back and Omo ge. Patrick has pushed the limitations shrouding upcoming artists to stamp himself as a formidable new entrant. The tracks have had their fair share of airplay on airwaves with Why like this already flaunting a video.

His first album is expected to be released before the second quarter of 2013 with All about the Finnest as the working title.No doubt, Patrick has done well for himself as he has managed to find a good footing in the music market in amidst the socio-economic challenges. In his own words, my music is aimed at inspiring young people to channel their energies into something positive.

Patrick hopes to work with big time artistes in his coming album.
Comrade Ayodele  making the difference in Doha

*R-L Comrade Ayodele Adewale, Comrade Goodluck Obi and Pastor Omoragbon,

Comrade Ayodele Adewale, Executive Chairman,Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Lagos State, Nigeria (r) delivering a paper at a Side-Event organized by the United Nations Of Youth (UNOY) at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha. with him, Comrade Goodluck Obi, President, United Nations of Youth (m) and Pastor Omoragbon, President, Nurses Across the Borders.

Champion’s conference, Asaba, Delta State

Youthful Vibes was recently at the Champion’s Conference in Asaba, Delta State organized by Teo-Inspiro under the dynamic  leadership of Oghenefego Isikwenu. Victor Gotevbe gave the key note address.


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