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Christmas: Not of Christ, but Baal worship!


WHEN I wrote in a recent short online piece that there is nothing like Christmas in Christianity, I did not realise  it would generate the very pleasing response it got. There I said that Christmas is Roman Catholicism and that it came wholesale from Babylon and is it about Tammuz (also called Dumuzi) ‘demonized’ as Baal by Satan, and which Tammuz was born on 25th of December and celebrated same day in ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian until Rome brought it to the ‘church’ masking it with ‘Jesus’ to lead many astray.

“There is Christianity”, I wrote, “and there is Roman Catholicism. The two are not the same. Roman Catholicism is a faith and it is a religion, all their adherents would tell you so. And Christianity is a faith and it is a religion (religion of life that begets eternal life). Christianity is found IN THE BIBLE AND THE BIBLE ALONE.

All traditions of men, cults and demons have no place in Bible no matter how long practiced and embraced, no matter how the ages have drunken of this particular wine of fornication of the Great Whore of the Book of Revelation. Christianity is not Baal Worship.“With Paul all days are equal. And he said I should follow him even as he is the follower of Christ.

Let not the devil beguile you with dates and seasons. Seek you the Kingdom of God and its righteousness first. That is what matters. One faith, one foundation, one Church, one Lord and Jesus Christ that Lord! Brake away from all beguilement no matter how trapping!” No matter how luring I may add.

Two responses from that piece I wish to draw attention to. Whilst one of those two readers asked: “When then was Jesus Christ born?”, while the other said: “I agree with you. Now what shall we do?” Here, besides telling more about this fiendish and deadly thing called Christmas I hope to represent my replies to the duo in their enlarged versions here.

But first we must take it elementarily: Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Paul, Peter, John and others did not tell us the date Jesus Christ was born. Peter, Paul and others didn’t celebrate the date Jesus was born because it is irrelevant to our salvation. Nothing sacred about the date, only the birth is! There is enough that scriptures commands, and we have not been able to do them all yet, and so, we dare not add traditions of men, cults and demons. Yes!

All ‘these days’ they are celebrating here and there are of Babylon and Rome (of demons). Whilst so-called Christmas is a celebration of the aforesaid Babylonian god Baal (Tammuz) with Bacchus, Easter is the celebration of Semiramis ‘demonised’ by Satan as the goddess of Eastre also called Eastor, as Ishtar, Astarte, or queen of heaven so-called etc.

Babylonianism and Romanism want to give all the days in the year to the gods, and many of them are brought into the ‘church’ by Romanism or Roman Catholicism which is actually Baal worship. O how it pays to stay with and, indeed, in the Bible. Christianity is not about celebrations and traditions of men and demons. It is a life to be lived.

We recognise Jesus’ birth when we are born again; no better celebration! We recognise His birth everyday as Emmanuel, God with us; no better celebration! We ‘celebrate’ His birth if we not only know that the grace of God has appeared to all men, teaching us to deny ungodliness, worldly lust and to live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world, but are also therefore living thus on a daily basis: No better way to celebrating the birth of the Grace which appeared to all men.

We ‘celebrate’ Jesus’ birth everyday as we live as light of the world, as salt of the earth, as living epistles read by all men and as example of the believers. Let your light so shine that all that sees this (your) light shine would glorify the Father Who is in heaven. That is how to ‘celebrate’ the birth of the Jesus that came from on high, gone on high, and coming soon from thence to take His people home! The pilgrim celebrates Jesus’ birth everyday by the life of heaven he lives here on earth. That is how to tell the world the
at God indeed became man and dwelt among us.

Just as the Holy Writ tells us nothing about where Moses was buried, so it tells us nothing about the date Jesus Christ was born, and it does not expect us to celebrate any day! Those who have sort out a day to celebrate have worked into satanic web.  If God had told Israel where Moses was buried in Israel, all probability would have worshiped that place.

Here, Israel may even be praised for stopping where God stopped and for proving more righteous than this generation on this score. Whilst God didn’t tell us when Jesus was born Babylonian tradition of demons inherited by Rome and passed to the whole world is foisting a day on us, which day is actually when Tammuz (‘translated’ by Satan to Baal, the so-called sun- agriculture-fertility god and the equivalent of the Roman god, Saturn, the Greek god, Cronus, with many equivalents in both ancient and modern world) was born and a day he was celebrated in ancient times, even December 25.

It is futile to try knowing when Jesus Christ was born, deluding picking a date and satanic celebrating that date or celebrating Jesus birth ‘on a date set aside’, for they that do celebrate in this way, celebrate who they know not; but this unknown god, the evil behind the mask is Tammuz (‘demonised’ as Baal by Satan) being one of the threesome in an ancient family that Satan built his worship around, the others of that family being Nimrod of Babel infamy and Semiramis who is ‘demonised’ by Satan as Isthar, Astarte, Asthoreth, queen of heaven; the same is goddess of Eastre (also called Eastor) that, again, Roman Catholicism is making the world to worship during their Easter.

It was both Baal and Asthoreth that turned Israel of old against God and vice visa, both being extremely abhorrent to God. We must come away from all futility of trying to know the date Christ was born, come away from all delusions of date setting and all satanic celebrations!  From glimpses from the Holy Writ and reality of climate of the Middle East, Jesus could have been born any month other than December, and so certainly He couldn’t have been born on December 25.

Until the very Anti-Christ comes all evil groups and personages (name it) are answerable to the Vatican, which today, anyway, leads the New World Order that would usher in the Anti-Christ. Come out from among them and ALL THEIR INVENTIONS MEANT TO POLLUTE THE WORD OF GOD AND ENSNARE UNTOLD MULTITUDE EN ROUTE ETERNAL DAMNATION.

If only you know a little about the wine of fornication of the Vatican (the wolf in sheep clothing) and how the nations, world leaders and kings, the religions and their leaders, sundry churches and what have you have drunken of that fountain of wicked wine of her fornication, then you would come out from all that proceeds from that city sitting on seven hills (Rome, and specifically the Vatican, which as we speak though part of a city, IS A NATION of its own; and you think it is ordinary)!

*Mr. Igho, a missionary to East Africa wrote from Nakuru, Kenyan.


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