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Nigeria: Great nation, creative people

By Ebele Orakpo

Nigerians will never cease to amaze and amuse me. Very creative, ingenious, highly intelligent, just name it; we’ve got it in abundance. They can never be caught napping. If you think you are smart, they are sure to outsmart you,” enthused Tosin, a passenger in the commuter bus heading to Mile-2 from Oshodi this Monday morning.

“Of course! We know all that,” agreed Ojo.

“Hmm, peacocks, na pride go kill una. So with all your ingenuity and smartness, what have you got to show?” Julie asked with a sneer.

“Ehn, if you don’t praise yourself, no one will do it for you,” noted Ojo, to which Tunde readily agreed. “That’s true Bros. After all, the Agama lizard fell from a tree, looked right and left and when it saw that no one was ready to praise it, it began to nod to itself in praise of that great feat.”

“By the way, what were you raving about,” asked Abel, looking at Tosin.

*Strange vehicular contraption?…It beats Okada

Replied Tosin: “Oh, I saw the photo of a young man, probably an ex-okada rider who converted his okada to a four-wheeler.”

“What do you mean?” asked Abel and others, mouth agape in amazement.

“The vehicular object looked like an okada in a wooden barrow with four wheels, lights, etc, and the guy was rubbing shoulders with other vehicles in the traffic,” explained Tosin.

“Oh my God! Una no go kill person oo,” said Julie as all the passengers erupted in laughter.

“Yes nah! You wan hunger to murder the man and his family? He had to devise a means of survival. I don’t blame him at all. With this, no overzealous policeman will harass him. I’m sure in his heart, he will be daring the policemen to arrest him if they could,” stated Mercy.

“They no fit. He has not contravened any law. The vehicle has four wheels like others on the road,” replied Uzo.

“Oh, I like that!” exclaimed Mercy.

“The problem with our leaders is that although they have good intentions, they do not give the people to be affected by their policies any alternative. You ban okada in a state without creating alternative means of livelihood for the millions directly or indirectly involved in the business. For God’s sake, it’s unfair,” said Nancy.

“But wait oo, so human beings will board that vehicle?” asked Uzo.

“Before nko? Na animals go board am? asked Tosin in reply. Maybe you have never been stranded before, otherwise, you won’t be asking this question. Is it not in Lagos that Area Boys ferry people on their bare, sweaty backs across flooded areas for a fee? If you are too proud to climb their backs, you risk drowning.”


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