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Rainbows in the classroom


They were in my wardrobe for over a month; the green pair of pants-until yesterday. When I took the bold step of faith and wore them.

A step of faith sometimes is all that is needed to break the rules of traditional fashion and transcend the barriers unto modern day colour blocking.

Typical of the speed with which the fashion wheel looms, yellow on orange and purple hardly ever really raises any eyebrows on campuses nowadays…I think. Except you have lecturers whose eyes get affected by the colours of the rainbow.

But even when breaking the rules, there are rules of colour blocking especially in a campus environment.
Stay away from the cheap stuff.

Naturally, all eyes are on the person in the bright colours, so you might want to ensure that you don’t wear inferior material that tears easily or has terrible finishing. Please steer clear of elastic materials used to make tights.

When accessorizing
If you’re wearing accessories that fit your colours, it looks classier to wear the same shades. You might also accessorize with solid colours such as black or brown to add some seriousness to your look.

Be setting  sensitive
You don’t want to look like a clown at your class presentation or project defense. Experiment with colour blocking during the evenings, on weekends or when attending classes of cool lecturers.

Get advice
Asking people the one million naira question “how do I look?” could save you from a lot of embarrassment. So when you’re all dressed up and coloured up, please seek counsel!


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