By Tony Ubani reporting from London
I really love adventure. My only fear is that most times adventure turns to misadventure. There are lots of side attractions in the Olympics. Many people come for the Olympics for many reasons.

The die-hard supporters come to see the heroes of their sports, many others come to make new friends, others come with their families for holidays. For me, I came here on a professional job; to watch, support and report the Olympics.

But like  they say, ‘all work and no play makes Tonero a bad boy’. Night clubs are alive in London and people are swarming there to have fun and drink away their sorrow.

One of my newly acquired friend is going to lead me astray(if I allow him). He knows all the nooks and crannies of London. There is no difference between morning and night, out here.

Many people prefer nocturnal movement. It is safer. What a contrast to where I am coming from(Lagos). We have visited places here that made me remember my humble beginning. A young boy who went to Seminary School and would have been a Reverend Father(if not for people like you).

After storming out from the underground club, I told him that I need to be alone. Just yesterday, he came back with new ideas that will according to him that will bring sparkles to my life.

‘’Lets go and brush and whiten our teeth. When you smile, people will fall for you. You will have snow white teeth.  Your white teeth will be legacy for the London Olympics”. Good idea, until I met another person who relayed a scary story. ‘’It’s not that easy. Its painful”, he said with a swollen mouth.

It was then that I asked myself questions. ‘’What if something goes wrong? I quickly remembered those who died trying to either re-shape their looks, protruding tummy(Tummy tuck) or re-making their faces. It was then I remembered that I am a child of God who should not change what God has created.

But my friend was disappointed. He said the truth was that I was scared of the amount. He could be right but my teeth is already white. Who cares about snow white teeth. After all, there are no snows in Nigeria.

Olympic Village News

No Smoking; LOCOOG officials have warned Delegation leaders that smoking remains prohibited in the Olympic Village and offenders will face severe times.

· No Noise: Athletes and officials have been reminded that noise making will not attract any medal at the Olympic Village instead it will attract sanctions. Noise making in the Olympic Village is only limited, tolerated at the Dinning Hall.

· Beware of your medals and your necks: Some athletes who are lucky to have won medals at the on-going London Olympics have been warned to desist from wearing their medals while going to town especially moving to Stratford near Westfield. There are fears that thieves who operate like lightning could rob them of the precious medals or in the process injure their neck.



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