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UNILAG name change: Allow legal resolution – Prof Bidmus

By Abdulwahab Abdulah

Dean of the Faculty of Education in the University of Lagos, (UNILAG), Professor Murtadha Bidmus has challenged the students of the school and other stakeholders to allow due process in resolving the crisis generated by the change of name of the school by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The don who also is the Chief Imam of the University of Lagos central mosque, said  it was not in dispute that the institution was established by an Act of the National Assembly which  must be amended before any effect could be made on the name of the institution.

He therefore appealed to the students and other stakeholders to exercise and take their complaints to the appropriate quarters for resolution.

The Don speaking at a lecture organised by The Companion, a group of Muslim professionals, also urged Muslims to be upright in whatever they do and be a good ambassador of Islam. This according to him will be one of the passports for Muslims to earn rewards in this world and in Al-Janat.

The don, who delivered a lecture at the monthly public lecture organised by ‘ The Companion’ at the State House of Assembly mosque, said a Muslim must demonstrate that he obeys Allah’s injunction to the latter for him to earn His pleasure.

Speaking on the topic,”Striving for Excellence in Religious Practices”, Bidmus encourages Muslim to strive to above board in whatever they do, even at their work places and in their relationship with their family and neighbours. He said doing this is part of worship which will be recorded as reward for Muslims.

He said primarily there are five principles of worship, including taqwa, belief in Allah, Ziyam, (fasting), Zakat, (alms giving), Salat, (five daily prayers) and Hajj (pilgrimage), however, he said a Muslim must consider Ihksan (goodness) as part of the principles of worship that can avail him to attain higher realm in this world and the hereafter.

He said, “ for you to attain greatness in this world and herefater you have to consider goodness to your parents, your family, neighbour, relations and all others.”

Bidmus said, “Also, the job you are doing to take salary to earn a living is part of worship. If everyone did his or her job as it supposed to be done, the country would have been better of. You must love your job and do it well to please Allah,” he added.

Speaking further on worship, he said though solat is very important, especially because of its practicality, ”a Muslim must take it serious but we must learn to love Allah always by obeying His rules and regulations.”


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